Capstone 3 and 4

For capstone I have done my first interview. I interviewed  Mr.Synowitz, the high school lacrosse and hockey coach. When I got to the interview I was really nervous about messing up, such as saying the wrong question, or Mr. Synowitz not knowing how to answer a question, but once the interview started I became less nervous and everything went really well. I also wanted to interview a doctor, and a teacher at my school, named Ms.Hicks, said she is friends with a neurologist, which was good for my topic because my it explores how playing sports affects the brain. Ms. Hicks said I have to email her the questions and the doctor will email me back a response. For the email with the doctor I am less nervous because the interview is through email. I interviewed the doctor and I got a lot of great information I am really happy with both my interviews

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