November 10

Passion Project Pitch

What will you learn and make? 

  • I what to learn about the technique of landscape photography, I want to take landscape photos with my camera

Why do you want to learn and make this?

  • I want to learn about the technique of landscape photography because when I go on vacation I want to have amazing pictures to remember the places, landscapes and architecture

How will you learn and make this?

  • I will learn how to take a landscape photo with the correct technique by experimenting with the settings on the camera and watching videos on the best technique

What will success look like to you?

  • Success will look like a beautiful landscape photo with perfect exposure, color balance and composition
November 5

Post Ten Water Proof Flashlight

To make the water proof flashlight we had to take a some steps to get the finished product. The first thing we did was make a design of what we want our water proof flashlights to look like. Then we had to do all of the measurements, so that we could cut the pipes that we needed next. Next we needed to drill holes in the pipes for our switch and light. After we cut the drilled the holes we had to solder our circuit. Once we did that we were almost done, we still had to put the circuit in our pipes. The final step was to decorate the flashlight.


November 5

Post Nine Using the T-Square

Even if you use the T-Square with your paper not tapped down it will not do anything. You will not have consistent straight lines. You have to tape your paper or designing sheet to the board. To do this you take your T-Square and put it flesh against the board, then you put the paper flesh on the T-Square, last you tape the ends of the paper to the board. Now you do not have to worry about your paper moving.

November 5

Post Eight T-Square

A T-Square is used to make straight lines for any design. You put the T-Square flesh against a straight edge of a table. This will ensure that you have straight lines when making a design. A T-Square looks like a t. If you use a T-Square can only be used for horizontal lines you have to put a ruler flesh against the T-Square and then you get a vertical line.

November 5

Post 7 Circuit

To make a breadboard you need a light, a battery,  two jumper cables and a breadboard. You put the positive wires on the positive side, and the negative wires on the negative side. Then you connect the jumper cables to the middle and ether the positive or negative side. Then you turn on the battery pack. Now you have a breadboard!

November 5

Post 6 Switch Three

Since I already made two switches I wanted to make this one a little more complicated. My idea for this switch was that there is one cardboard triangle with pipe cleaner through a hole in the cardboard. Then there would be a popsicle stick with a hole in it and tinfoil on the tip of it. After that there would be an another triangle like the first one. Then, I would glue the triangles to a bigger piece of cardboard with tinfoil on it. So when you push on the popsicle the two pieces of tinfoil will touch and lite up the light. To my surprises it worked on my first try.

November 5

Post 5 Switch Two

Now that I know that I know how to make a switch this second switch was much easier to make. For the first switch you had to push to make the tinfoil touch, but for the second switch I had a different idea in mind. My idea was to have a half of a popsicle stick stacked on a few cut pieces of cardboard, with tinfoil around the popsicle. I would then glue this onto a bigger piece of cardboard with tinfoil on the top of it. Then when I push down on the popsicle and the two tinfoil pieces touch it will make the light lite up. When I tested the switch it worked on the first try and I was very excited.

November 5

Post 4 Switch One

When I first started to make my switch I thought that it would be very confusing. Although, in the early stages of making the switch I figured out that making a switch was not as confusing. My first attempt in testing the switch I found out that my two pieces of tinfoil where not touching. After I put down a little more tinfoil I tested the switch again and it worked. I thought that it was very cool that I made my own switch.