self driving car game

when we finished the switches, we played a game to test our switches. people would flip a 2 cards, left red would mean left switch, and so on. we timed each other to see who got the fastest time with the least mistakes. i had 2 mistakes, and 56 seconds.

how electrical fires happen

an electrical fire is when the battery blows up and starts a fire. it happens if a circuit gets clogged or doesn’t work, than the protons and electrons go around, and that gets clogged and there is nowhere for the electricity to go, so the battery heats up and explodes. we did a hands on […]

making a circuit

yesterday in tech, we made a circuit. we had to make a light turn on with a blade switch, wires, and a battery. It sounds easy, but you needed to strip wires, and connect them together without getting electrocuted. it took me almost the whole period, even though i thought i had it. i built […]


today we checked the voltage of battery. we used a weird machine called a multimeter. it measures all types of electricity. did you know i have like 15 volts at least in my body. also, batteries have the voltage on the side, so you need to read carefully when setting up. it took a lot […]

Technology in school

I know what you are thinking. computers. But at SMS tech, we get to use drill presses, saws, and many more. we make projects like underwater flashlights, and more. we also make circuits, but it’s not like computers.With a computer, do you get to drill stuff? No!!!! It is run by mr. Calvert. he teaches […]

Why did Ortiz Retire?

Remember on my first post when I said I think Ortiz shouldn’t retire? These are the reasons why he retired and my opinion. he retired because, well, baseball is a game of reflex and at 40, time to stop MLB. Another reason is he suffered a lot of injuries. He was never super fast, but […]

What’s Up, World

What’s Up, World?   Hi, world. My name is Spencer and I’m currently 9 about to be ten years old, my birthday’s in April. Some of the things I’ll be blogging about are: my sports teams, sports updates, and fun facts about sports. I love sports, it’s my life. My parents love working out and […]