Make Us Laugh

Mrs. Turner and Mr. Tomizawa are always looking for a good laugh. In the Comment section of this post, tell us your favorite joke. We’ll read all of them and make a digital collection of our favorites!



  1. Dear Mrs. Turner and Mr. Tomizawa,
    I miss you!😢 I also have a joke.
    Q.Why didn’t the mountain bike climb the mountain?
    A.Because it was two tired!
    Thank you for the lessons you teach. I hope school starts!
    Hina Akiyama

  2. 1) what did the eel say to the doctor?
    :I feel eel 🙂
    2) what do snowmen eat for breakfast?
    Frosted Flakes 🙂

    I hope you had a good laugh !

  3. Great jokes everyone! You made my day( and made me laugh)! Keep them coming!

  4. Why did the french Fries win the race?
    Because the ketchup couldn’t catch up!!!
    i hope school starts again!!!! Stay safe everyone!!!
    I miss u all! I hope that u have a great Day!!!!!!

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