Persuasive Essay

When our teacher told us we were doing a persuasive essay I knew that I would do mine about all kids should have access to books. I struggled a bit finding facts to put in my essay but after that I did fine. We worked on this for around 2 weeks. I really enjoyed it because it made me think outside the box for what I was going to write.

Summer Book Suggestions – The Genius Files: Mission Unstoppable.

Title: “The Genius Files: Mission Unstoppable”

Series: “The Genius Files”

Author: Dan Gutman

Recommended By: Harry Mccausland

When Coke and Pepsi McDonald started receiving ciphers from a mysterious figure they knew someone was on to them. While on the run they never wanted to be locked in there burning school and definitely didn’t want to have a battle in the Infinity Room above a canyon at the House on the Rock, with help from Bones there school janitor and Mya someone who works for the genius files. But someone named Dr. Herman Warsaw is trying to kill them. Will they defeat Dr. Herman Warsaw or will he kill them and start destroying America.

I give this book a four and a half out of five. I liked this book because it was very action packed and very funny.


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Math Graphing – Bar Graphs and Pictographs

This is my graphing project. I surveyed my classmates and teachers and asked my question, “What is your favorite animal?” They could choose from 5 choices: tigers, wolves, eagles, spiders and snakes. I tallied my results and created a bar graph. On my slideshow, I created both a bar graph and a pictograph to display my data. One thing I enjoyed about this project was making the bar graph in Google Sheets. One thing I found challenging about this project was typing my introduction. I hope you enjoy viewing my final Google Slides Presentation.


My Expert Book – Soccer

My expert book is all about soccer. The title is “Soccer: The Beautiful Game.” I really liked typing my book because if I didn’t like the way I arranged something, I could change the way my book was arranged. One thing I didn’t like about the process was having to write the book first before you can type the book. One thing you will learn in my book is who is better Messi V. Ronaldo. I hope you enjoy my book I worked as hard as I could to make great.

Thanks for reading!