13 Jun 2022

Capstone Blog Post 3

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A capstone is a project where you pick a subject and research it. You have a main inquiry question, for example, mine was have you ever wondered if changing the rules of basketball has made a big impact in the sport over time? But you have to make sure that have enough information and research to know the answer to your main inquiry question. Then you start to make an essay this is where you put all the information you learned and answer your main inquiry to teach other people. After you’re done with that you make a presentation for example mine was an Adobe which is a video editing platform where I made my project come to life by adding photos and voice recording. After this you present it. But in the process, there are a lot more things that you have to do. For example, you have to set up an interview with an expert on your topic. I interviewed Larry Chason because he played basketball for 15 years and knows a lot about the subject and its history.

7 Jun 2022

Capstone Blog Post 2

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The purpose of the interview is to gather more information from an expert about your topic. You need to have the best questions to ask your interviewee to get the best possible answers. I feel this aspect of the research process is most critical as it will set the tone for the rest of the project.

My process of figuring out who to interview is to contact people who know basketball players and who know a lot about basketball history. It was easy to figure out who I wanted to interview but it was challenging to land a specific person. My process and experience of writing questions were pretty easy because I had a good topic where I could provide a lot of questions and answers. For example, changing the rules of Basketball has made a big impact on the sport itself. 

My experience conducting the interview was hard, difficult, and nerve-racking. It did not go as expected as it took a bit longer to find an expert to interview. Some of my new learnings are.

In conclusion, the purpose of the interview portion of the Capstone Project is to gather information from your interview with an expert on your topic. You will need to make sure that you have your questions prepared and ready to ask your interviewee to get the best answers. This will set the tone for the remainder of the project.
1 Apr 2022

Immigration Interview

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I was assigned to interview an Immigrant and if you don’t know what that means I had to ask questions to an immigrant to get information about their immigration journey. An Immigrant is someone who left their country to come to America. Now, this is how it went, I started off to find who I was even gonna interview who is an immigrant after I found I started to make 10-20 Questions to ask that person because I was gonna make a video where I say what the reply to my question and with the information, I get describe their life and what it felt like immigrating and I was gonna include photos from there life.

When it was time for the interview I had to get ready with my camera so then when I was done I could look back at the video to remember what she said. One thing I considered when doing the question was that it would make her emotional talking about her past life because she misses her loved ones who stayed where she immigrated from.


The interview was in person at my grandparent’s house because he is my grandpa’s friend Demetri. I didn’t really go because she talked a lot and I was sitting there for about 3hours. The most important thing I learned was probably that he said the reason he came here was to be treated fairly.


In conclusion, I think this process of this project really taught me how hard it could be to immigrate because many have to say goodbye to their loved ones and leave their old life behind.


15 Mar 2022

Rube Goldberg Blog Post 2

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Once I was done building it was time to record then make the We-video presentation. I got my phone and hit play, first I demonstrated how my Rube Goldberg machine works, then I went for my first attempt it was doing so well and I even thought I might get it on my first try until the ball missed the car. I didn’t think it was a problem till I was on my 5th try and that was the part that always kept failing. I had to make a change, I decided to select a different ball that was bigger, and then finally It started to hit the car. I took () tries in total. It was definitely a difficult but fun project. Then I went on to We-video to make the editing. I included my old sketch, my newer sketch, the progress, and a lot of my attempts. This was my Rube Goldberg project and the experience. (BYE)

3 Mar 2022

Shark Debate (Essay)

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During the process of the shark debate essay, you must be prepared and always have information that is not only factual but, proven as well. Therefore, you must do your research and take good notes. You must find reasons and evidence to support your claims. You must work well with your partner/s and practice together to perform well on stage. One thing I loved during the process was getting the opportunity to debate my opinion. It was fun to research reasons and debate them with supporting evidence. This is something you may have to do in your future and a good learning experience.

11 Feb 2022

Rube Goldberg Project (1)

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Question 1: The process started off easy but then It got more hard with the more I added which caused more problems. But I worked super hard and never gave up I spent over 2 days on my build it turned out great.

Question 2: A difficulty was when I had no way to move a heavy object but there was nothing heavy enough to move it so I decided to put it on an unbalanced angle.

Question 3: The resources I used were, youtube I watched many videos on there to get inspiration. Also, I used the link that I was shared within my drive with all the information I needed to know and some student examples.


19 Oct 2021

Hayden’s Narrative

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30 Sep 2021

Hank And The Missing Frog Book Review

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In the book Hank. Hank lost his frog that he took home from school to take care of it for one week. He asked his friends to help him search for it. He looked and looked like it was a mystery where the frog went. Are they gonna find the frog? If you wanna know read the book Hank and the Missing Frog. The reason I like this book and recommend it is because this book has a big mystery and it’s very exciting. So if you like mystery books or exciting books you should read this book. My favorite part is when Hank thinks that he could speak frog language. The reason this is my favorite part is that it is very funny.  There are two big lessons in this book, one is to never leave your frog tank open, and the other is that in life there are obstacles that are in your way. Hank never gave up his goal to find the frog and he was determined to be the same with his friends. The friends were there till the end and stuck together because that’s what friends do. Well, give this book a try if you like mystery books. Well, I hope you enjoy this book if you decide to read it, I did so maybe you will as well.


12 May 2020

Drawing cool Faces

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This is my cool drawing of faces that I drew.

26 Mar 2020


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Places places to go travel but the corona is such a haggel to stragel.

The disease is hard but we will get past. Don’t get stuck this won’t last.

Hopefully it will go fast that would be a blast.