Technology (Post #1) 2019-2020

I have made many many things, but one of the things I am most proud of, is my chair. I made the chair for my 5th grade project. I was so excited to do it, I ran straight to the maker space which is where my teacher kept all the materials. My teacher ran the maker space so I knew I could go there. I grabbed all the wood I can find, some screws, and a measuring tape. I don’t remember what the measurements were but I Remember that I had a little help from my friend. I brought all of the materials home and lucky for me, my mom’s best friend’s husband was a carpenter.  When he came over he, my dad, and I built the chair. I was in 5th grade so he didn’t let me do much. However, he did let me do a few things. I held the screw while he used the screw driver, I also used the screw driver, and I helped saw the wood. I brought my chair to school to show the class. We now had a new stool for everyone to sit on! I left my chair in the classroom for future generations to sit on. I happened to be visiting the school and took a peek in the classroom I had left my chair in. Turns out it wasn’t in there.  I was so devastated, that’s why I have no chair to show you.

Description: stapled on blue cusion, thick wood, arts rests, backing

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