Coding Project-Part 4

Hello everybody!

For my final coding project I had lots and lots of trouble deciding to do it on tynker or on scratch. After a day of deciding I decided to do it on scratch. Why did I decide to do it on scratch? I decided to do it on scratch because this was my last project out of this coding portfolio so I was just going to do it on scratch because scratch is harder and I like challenging when it comes to coding. I looked at the coding tutorials on scratch and had trouble deciding what to do. After a while I decided to do the hide and seek game tutorial. This was a fun challenge. I kept testing it and editing it until it was perfect. I made sure to get all the glitches out. I was sad that the coding portfolio was going to be over but I knew I could keep coding as much as I want. I thought that this was a really fun project and wish we could do it again!

2 thoughts on “Coding Project-Part 4

  1. I like how you explained why you chose scratch over tynker, and why you were considering 3 scratch, 1 tynker in the beginning, and 3 tynker, 1 scratch in the end.
    I like this game because it’s fun trying to click on the characters. It was probably hard to code, but it was worth it.

  2. The blog post was very elaborate and showed a lot of hard work. it was nice and clean, doesn’t have any mistakes, and it showed a lot of concentration. what I mean by clean was that your post flowed well, and the game was very descriptive and entertaining. Nice job!

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