Our next project:Stop Motion

In class we have been learning about Ellis island and immigration during the early 1900s. Instead of just making a boring old video on Ellis island we are making a stop motion project. A stop motion video is a bunch of pictures put in video form. The video is choppy and doesn’t look as professional. My partners are Marcello and Chase and I am very excited. Each group got assigned a topic. Our topic is immigration then and now. Some other topics were Transportation, the journey over, Settling in New York, Push pull factors and Arriving at Ellis island.

Today we were suppose to start recording but we didn’t have our green screen painted. Over the weekend Marcello was going to paint it but, he ran out of green paint so we had to do it in school. We’ll we were waiting for our green screen we went over the script one final time. It sounded good and I am the narrator so that should be fun. i am very excited for the project and can’t wait to work and film

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