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Capstone #3B: Switching my Interview

Unfortunately I didn’t get to interview Doctor Sampson because the woman said that he wasn’t free. Even though I was mad, I was happy that I was going to be interviewing an allergist. Even if it wasn’t an expert like Doctor Sampson. The next day at school Mrs.Edwards gave us a sheet asking who we were interviewing and where we were going for our site visit. I said I didn’t know the name of who I was interviewing, but it was going to be an allergist at Mount Sinai. For my site visit I said the lab at Mount Sinai. That day after school I asked my mom the name of who I was interviewing and she said that Mount Sinai wasn’t getting back to her. Finally after a few days of suspense Mount Sinai sent us an E-Mail. It said that none of the allergists were free because they were all trying to get money from the government to fund their research, but the head of the lab made time for me. I was so happy that I got to interview the head of the lab. The next day at school I was in good shape except I realized that I didn’t know the head of the labs name. I did so much research, but I just couldn’t find it. I had to call my mom to find his name. She looked at the E-Mail and texted me. The E-Mail said that his name was Madhan Masilimani. After school I searched him up on the web. It corrected me to Madhan Masilamani. My mom and I laughed so hard because the woman didn’t know the head of the labs name!