Capstone #7: Capstone Share

It was the big day!  I was really nervous because I was presenting my Capstone in the auditorium. I expected a lot of people to be their too. When we finally finished our singing our chorus songs and the montage. Mrs.Stile told everyone to find their kid and watch their presentation. I was in the auditorium so I told my parents not to move. I went behind the curtains and asked Mr.Debarry when I was up. He said that Alex had switched with charlie and I was up after Alex. After what felt like forever, Alex finished and gave the mike to me. I started and did really well. My video worked and everything. After my presentation everyone clapped. I was happy I didn’t make any mistakes, but also because capstone was over. When I was done watching my friends presentation I took my parents and my grandpa to see my capstone sign, and my blog. They weren’t getting Wi-Fi so they each took a card home. My mom made my grandpa take a card because she said he would want to see my blog. Then I taught my grandpa how to use a Qr reader so when he got home he would know how to use it. After school my mom immediately called my grandma because she wasn’t their because she had asthma. My mom went on and on for what felt like forever talking about my presentation. Overall, I really enjoyed presenting my capstone and getting it over with.

This is my Capstone presentation:

This is me presenting it live:



Capstone #6: Final Project

For our final project, we needed to express our knowledge of our topic. I chose to do a TEDTalk because it’s long, and I could convey a lot of information. I started planning  it. TheTEDTalk took about two days to create. I practiced a lot, and then I had an idea that I could use a green screen to make it look like I was doing OIT in a doctor’s office. Jonny, Ian, and I tried that today. It didn’t work that well.

We were floating around the screen, and our background wasn’t that good. It wasn’t good because it looked like Jonny was floating on top of a chair. We started changing the background by flipping the picture. It was better, but still a little hazy and weird. We also tried cropping it. When the video started, it looked like Ian walked in  through a porthole.  Then, Mrs. Edwards and I switched the background, and it made Jonny’s shirt transparent.

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Capstone #5: Answering my Main Inquiry Question

When it came to answering my main inquiry question I was excited and nervous. I was excited because I was almost done with my Capstone, but I was nervous because what if I didn’t have enough information? I decided I would just start with what I had. I went over all my notes from my interview and started typing. I found that answering my main inquiry was really easy. After proofing it a million times I realized it was kind of short. Mrs. Edwards told me that I can add some of my opinion to make it longer. After adding my opinion, I was confident it was long enough. I asked Mrs. Edwards to read it and comment and she did. The only things she commented on were unclear sentences. After fixing it, I had my answer to my main inquiry question,   “What are some of the top treatments for people with allergies, and what are some treatments allergists are considering?”  I came up with my answer by combining the answers to my sub questions.

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