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Capstone #6: Final Project

For our final project, we needed to express our knowledge of our topic. I chose to do a TEDTalk because it’s long, and I could convey a lot of information. I started planning  it. TheTEDTalk took about two days to create. I practiced a lot, and then I had an idea that I could use a green screen to make it look like I was doing OIT in a doctor’s office. Jonny, Ian, and I tried that today. It didn’t work that well.

We were floating around the screen, and our background wasn’t that good. It wasn’t good because it looked like Jonny was floating on top of a chair. We started changing the background by flipping the picture. It was better, but still a little hazy and weird. We also tried cropping it. When the video started, it looked like Ian walked in  through a porthole.  Then, Mrs. Edwards and I switched the background, and it made Jonny’s shirt transparent.

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Capstone #3A/#4A: Picking Site Visit and Interview

When Mrs.Edwards told us we needed an interview and site visit I immediately thought Dr.Sampson because he is my allergy doctor and my topic is allergies. For my site visit I immediately thought Mount Sinai because thats where my doctor works and where I get my allergy check-up.   I asked my mom if she could call about my interview and she said yes. After the phone call we went over the details. The woman said that Dr.Sampson was next free in august, so I couldn’t interview him personally, but had to do it on an e-mail. The next day at school Mrs.Edwards said that our interview should be face to face or something like a Skype. When I got home we called again. This time about the site visit to. The woman said that I could see the lab and a fellow could take me on a tour. Now we are in the process of finding a date. The woman also said that I would be set up with a doctor, either a friend of Dr.Sampson, or someone in the practice. I think I’m in good shape.

Capstone #2: Choosing a main Inquiry Question and Sub Question

Mrs. Edwards told our class that our capstone tittle had to be a question. Not a green light or red light question, but a deep question. Mrs. Edwards told us that this project was something we were supposed to be enthusiastic about learning, enjoy it, learn a lot about, and have fun. Since I have allergies I didn’t know if I was going to be able to learn so much about it, but I knew I would be enthusiastic and all. I kept thinking. I then remembered that at seder my cousin who has allergies had a dog that sniffed her food to see if there were any ingredients she was allergic to. Then it popped into my head. I was going to do what are allergist doing to help people with allergies. When we had to tell Mrs. Edwards our main inquiry question so far I told her that. We met and jazzed it up a bit. My final product went something like this: what are the top treatments for people with allergies and what are treatments that allergist are considering. This worked because I would research all the treatments and at my interview learn about treatments they want to do in the future.

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Capstone #1: Picking a Topic in Capstone

When Mrs. Edwards told us to start capstone, she said that our main inquiry question was going to be a deep question. We would do a lot of research and look through it to come up with our capstone. I really wanted to learn about food allergies because I have them. I thought it would be hard to come up with questions because I know a lot about food allergies, but it really wasn’t. Mrs. Edwards said that we were going to choose two topics. I was not that interested in anything else, so I brainstormed and came up with something random. I came up with endangered animals.

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