Capstone #3A/#4A: Picking Site Visit and Interview

When Mrs.Edwards told us we needed an interview and site visit I immediately thought Dr.Sampson because he is my allergy doctor and my topic is allergies. For my site visit I immediately thought Mount Sinai because thats where my doctor works and where I get my allergy check-up.   I asked my mom if she could call about my interview and she said yes. After the phone call we went over the details. The woman said that Dr.Sampson was next free in august, so I couldn’t interview him personally, but had to do it on an e-mail. The next day at school Mrs.Edwards said that our interview should be face to face or something like a Skype. When I got home we called again. This time about the site visit to. The woman said that I could see the lab and a fellow could take me on a tour. Now we are in the process of finding a date. The woman also said that I would be set up with a doctor, either a friend of Dr.Sampson, or someone in the practice. I think I’m in good shape.

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  1. Your persistence paid off! You learned an important lesson: it doesn’t hurt to ask. The worse that can happen is someone says no and there is always the chance that you get what you want, as you did!

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