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Capstone #6: Final Project

For our final project, we needed to express our knowledge of our topic. I chose to do a TEDTalk because it’s long, and I could convey a lot of information. I started planning  it. TheTEDTalk took about two days to create. I practiced a lot, and then I had an idea that I could use a green screen to make it look like I was doing OIT in a doctor’s office. Jonny, Ian, and I tried that today. It didn’t work that well.

We were floating around the screen, and our background wasn’t that good. It wasn’t good because it looked like Jonny was floating on top of a chair. We started changing the background by flipping the picture. It was better, but still a little hazy and weird. We also tried cropping it. When the video started, it looked like Ian walked in  through a porthole.  Then, Mrs. Edwards and I switched the background, and it made Jonny’s shirt transparent.

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