With Mr. Deberry we learned:


Main idea or subtopic, compare and contrast, cause and effect, and problem and solution. We learned how reading non-fiction is different than fiction so we have to read in a different way.


In our reading lesson, my favorite part was creating slides and researching about our topics, because when we make the slides we got to add transitions and add pictures.And I liked researching because we got to find information on different websites.


My group was studying tornadoes, then, hurricanes. My group was Akif, Alex, Brody, Me, Emma, Jerry, Nathan, and Shannen. We had to work hard to finish. I felt all of our hard work paid off and at the end, there were about 8 or 9 hands up.

And I thought we did a good job.


When we were studying hurricanes my subtopic was hurricane safety.

When we were studying tornadoes my subtopic was tornado damage.


We did this thing called flipgrid, where we take a video of ourselves talking about a reflection on the unit. Here’s the link https://flipgrid.com/c7400c