Book Club: Sarah, Plain and Tall – Jot 1

He is asking question because his mother died the day after he was born so Caleb never really met his mother. I think that all Caleb is trying to do is get a good mind picture of his mother. Caleb probably wants to feel like he is with his mother every second of every day. I think that Anna has gotten over her mother because she doesn’t seem that sad when she talks about her. On the other hand papa tries his best to act like their mother but probably hasn’t gotten over her yet.

Colonial Information Book

This year we are studying Colonial America. Part of the the unit was to create an informational book about Colonial America. Everyone researched a topic. In my books I found information comparing life now and then. I hope you learn something new.


Writing Long and Strong on Jots – Characters

Suds doesn’t give up.

Suds doesn’t give up because he doesn’t want anyone to think he is a baby. This year in 4th grade he is a rat. He doesn’t want to be a rat at all. His best friend Joey trains him how to be a rat. Joey gives him very hard and scary task that Suds has never done before. When Joey tells Suds to go the roof and Suds ┬áreacts because he doesn’t want to do it but he does it anyway. Suds is terrified of hights. Any thing Joey tells him to do he will react but will do it anyway. Suds wants to fit in. The way to fit in is not the best way for suds to fit in. Suds can’t let any think he is a baby. Suds won’t give up even if he had to jump off the roof.

Welcome to 2016-2017!

It’s a brand new school year!┬áI’m excited for this school year! I also miss my teacher from last year. This school year is going to be great! I think there are many fun activities and projects plan already! I also have a great class! My teacher is also amazing and I think she will teach me so many more things.

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