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The monkey steel

on October 25, 2017

One day I was in costa rica with my family. I went to the beach to see my friend Sam and his family. Me and Sam were playing in the ocean. Then we went into the hot tub and the pool it was awesome. It was at Sam’s hotel.

Then we went back to the beach and someone spotted a monkey. The monkey was climbing in a tree. I forgot what kind of monkey it was, but it’s face was yellow. So many people were taking pictures of it. He was with another monkey but you could not really see him. The monkey was just sitting there for a few minutes and people started going back into the ocean but then… The monkey was doing crazy tricks in the tree he jumped from one tree to another. It was so cool but I thought he was going to fall on me. People were going crazy.

The monkey spotted a bag and a banana was inside the bag, so the monkey climbed down the tree. The monkey swiped the banana from the bag. Then the monkey climbed up the tree with the banana, he ate it.The monkey dropped the banana peels on the ground. When the person came to eat there banana it was not there. She did not know where the banana went. Then she saw the monkey ate it but they were not that angry the monkey ate it. Everyone was laughing. She knew the monkey ate it because she looked up and saw the monkey dropping the banana peels.

2 Responses to “The monkey steel”

  1. lforest26 says:

    I think this story is pretty funny because the monkey dropped the bannana on the ground.

  2. nkent26 says:

    I like how you introduced all the charecters.

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