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Rusticoat Apples

This is an Edgewood Historical Society update from January 5, 2007:  Professor Carl Schorske returned to Edgewood School on this day. When he walked up to the building he said he remembered the greenish-brown apples. Young Carl was an Edgewood student in the early 1920’s when the school was surrounded by russet apples, which he…

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Picture Walks Bring History to Life

This Edgewood Historical Society update from October 3, 2006 recaps a session in which students and teachers were grouped to study photos by decade. They made a number of unusual discoveries including the unprecedented decision from Edgewood’s first principal, Mary Piedalue, to stop nailing desks to the floor; an early blueprint which called for an ice skating rink…

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How did Edgewood get its name?

There is much debate over how Edgewood School got its name. A popular notion is that the school used to sit at the “edge of the woods.”  Others are curious about an old map from 1910 which details property lines in our Scarsdale neighborhood and includes a tract of land owned by the Montgomery family…

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When was the cupola installed?

Today, the cupola is a highly visible symbol of Edgewood School. But it wasn’t always a part of the building. We have a photograph, shown above, in our archives which we believe was taken around 1929. It does not include the cupola. So we know the cupola was installed at least after 1929. Do you…

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When did we adopt our current school colors?

Blue and White. Those are the only school colors many of us have ever known. But when did the school begin using those colors? In the 40s, the powerhouse Edgewood football team, trounced their neighborhood rivals, wearing their black and gold uniforms. Why black and gold? One possible theory is that the team’s head coach,…

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Video Retrospective

The first year of the Edgewood School Historical Society was a success. We learned a lot about the school and the people who came here to work and play. Edgewood School has been a vital part of our neighborhood since 1919. It is up to all of us in the community to remember and honor…

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