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How did Edgewood get its name?

There is much debate over how Edgewood School got its name. A popular notion is that the school used to sit at the “edge of the woods.”  Others are curious about an old map from 1910 which details property lines in our Scarsdale neighborhood and includes a tract of land owned by the Montgomery family that happens to be called “Edgewood.” Still, many more believe that the school really got its name from the childhood home of the first woman on the Scarsdale Board of Education, Mrs. Emily Fountain.
Mr. James Conlan, a former Edgewood student, diligently researched this subject and concluded that this last theory is the most likely. Download his research report here.
What do you know about the origin of the school’s name? If you have any information please contact us via email or call (914-721-2700) to help us with our research!

edgewoodhistory • August 8, 2016

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