Rookie Decoders

Da Vinci puzzle lock

Sometimes secrets are meant to be kept…secret. The fates of nations and organizations rest on their ability to keep secret information out of the hands of possible enemies. Today you are “Rookie” Decoders. If you are to become an “Expert” Decoder some day, you’ll need to start practicing. So get a blank piece of paper and a pencil and let’s see if you can figure out our Mystery Word. Our first code is based on a simple alphabet key. Each letter represents a number.

A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6, G=7, H=8, I=9, J=10, K=11, L=12, M=13, N=14, O=15, P=16, Q=17, R=18, S=19, T=20, U=21, V=22, W=23, X=24, Y=25, Z=26

Get your paper and pencil ready. To find out our Mystery Word you’ll need to  decode these three clues based on the alphabet key:

Clue #1:      5 4 7 5 23 15 15 4   19 3 8 15 15 12

Clue #2:    12 9 2 18 1 18 25

Clue #3:    16 12 1 25 7 18 15 21 14 4

Solve for the Mystery Word by unscrambling the following letters to reveal an important figure in Edgewood history:

First letter in Clue #1 + fourth letter in Clue #1 + fifth letter in Clue #2 + fifth letter in Clue #3 + second letter in Clue #3

Good luck and have fun! More decoding puzzles are coming soon!




How Deep is the Ocean?

This video takes you deep into the ocean, beyond the reach of natural light, beyond the depths any mammal has traveled. If Mt. Everest were submerged upside down into the deepest part of the ocean, its summit would reach 27,000 feet, well above the sea floor. Researchers say that humans have only discovered 5-10% of the Earth’s oceans. Watch this video, then respond to the following question in the Comment section.

What do you imagine you would discover if you could travel to the deepest parts of the ocean? You may be creative and imaginative in your response, but please base your response on information provided in this video or other research sources. You may click Save Draft to give yourself additional time to respond.