Video Chat Etiquette

Whether we communicate with a partner in a video chat or face-to-face, we rely on the same basic interpersonal communication skills. We use our verbal language, voice intonation, body language, and facial expression to convey our thoughts, meaning, and motive. The goal for each partner is to be understood. The Video Chat Etiquette graphic below was designed to prepare students for an online interview, but it serves as a reminder of how we communicate with on-screen partners to have a meaningful and enjoyable conversation.

video chat etiquette



Stop Motion Animation for the Classroom

With Stop Motion Studio for the iPad, creating stop-motion animation has never been easier. This app is appropriate for all K-5 students. You can animate any inanimate object. Perhaps it’s an illustrated paper cutout or maybe a pencil or lego piece. Stop Motion Studio gives students a captivating outlet for their creative ideas and voice. And during the production process, it introduces them to sophisticated concepts such time, storyboarding, audience, and citizenship, even at the youngest elementary age.

Take a look at the tutorial below, then let me know if you’re interested in bringing this production tool to your classroom!



Don’t Mix Up Your Google Accounts Again

Chrome PersonHow many times has this happened to you? Someone sends you a link to access a shared Google file. You click on it, but you get a message saying your account does not have permission to access the file. This happens a lot when a user is logged into more than one Google account in a single browser window. For instance, there’s the work Google account, the personal, the family member’s account, etc. Only one of those accounts provides access to the file shared by a work colleague. And there’s no way your browser will know which Google account you want to use at any given moment.

The solution is to create a separate Google Chrome Profile, so that you can switch between Google accounts as needed. Perhaps you can create a Work profile and assign your work email to it. Do your professional work in this browser. And then create a Home profile and assign your personal email to it. Do your personal stuff in this browser. And so forth.

By keeping your Google accounts logged in on separate Chrome browser windows, you’ll be able to easily switch back and forth between accounts and avoid any confusion regarding file access. Check out this tutorial to help you set up your multiple Chrome Profiles.


Vocaroo, an Online Voice Recorder

vocarooDocumenting and reflecting on learning is essential to the learning process. The act of self-reflection allows the learner to walk backwards and contemplate the meaning of each step and how they put her on this path to discovery. One tool we can use to reflect is a voice recorder. These digital tools are available as hardware or can be found as an iPad or phone app or as an online resource. My favorite online voice recorder is Vocaroo. This browser-based tool is easy to use and will give you an mp3 file to download and share. Give it a try. Here’s a quick overview of how to use Vocaroo.




How Do I Use the Xerox Copier as a Scanner?

xerox7835What’s better than a paper hard copy of an important document? A digital copy that you can easily store, access, and reproduce at any time. Scanning hard copies into digital files is super easy with a Xerox machine. Just load the document onto the scanning board, just as you would when making photocopies, select the Email service, enter a recipient’s email address, choose the file format (then default is PDF, but image formats such as png or jpg are available), then click the big START button. The recipient receives a quality reproduction in their email box, within moments. Click here to view a handout.


Booking Calendar Appointment Slots

Appt SlotsA handy feature of Google Calendar is the “appointment slot.” We can create a calendar, create time or “appointment” windows, and then make it available to others, so that they can claim these time slots. The Room 25 Digital Arts Lab (formerly the Computer Lab) used these appointment slots, so that classes could freely schedule their time. If you have not booked time using appointment slots, please take a quick look at the pdf overview below.

View Booking Appointment Slots Overview