When you think of technology, you would usually think of computers. Think again; it is not just computers that you will use in the technology room. In the technology room, there are tools that you really need to be careful with. I will be talking about the two of the most dangerous tools, that can be fatal.

First is the Drill Press. The Drill Press is often used for making holes in things, but if you’re not careful, you could walk out of class with a hole in your hand. The way that a Drill Press works is that you have to flip the switch to turn it on, then the metal blade will start spinning very fast, then you have to lower the drill in to what you want to make a hole in by lowering the lever. There are many ways that you can stop incidents. Here are some ways. Girls can put their hair back into a ponytail before starting the drill so that their hair doesn’t get caught. Never let the Drill Press run unattended.  Have the rest of the class be quiet so that you can focus on what you are doing. Finally, never put your head under the drill, you never know when the drill press could start.

Next is the Soldering Iron. The Soldering Iron is a tool used to fix circuits. You need to be careful with this tool because a Soldering Iron can reach up to 662 degrees Fahrenheit, one bad touch with this Iron and you’re going to be walking out of class with a burn. Once you insert the plug for the Soldering Iron, the Iron will be very hot. Once you are done using it you must be aware that the iron takes a few minutes to cool down completely, so never take the risk of touching the end because the end could still be hot. Never run with the Iron because if you run into somebody than you will take all responsibility for their burn.

I hope you have learned the Dangers of the Technology Room. Now STAY SAFE!!