IHOP- Where Breakfast Comes Alive!

Are you looking for a great breakfast restaurant? If you are then I recommend Ihop, at 28  Central Ave, Hartsdale, NY 10530. I would recommend Ihop because they are kid-friendly, you don’t have to wait long for your food, the food Image result for pancakesisn’t that expensive, and the waitstaff is very friendly helpful and polite, They open at 7:00 am, and close at 10:00 pm. I think Ihop is a five star restaurant. It is a breakfast restaurant. They have a huge menu that includes pancakes, combos, french toast, waffles, crepes, eggs, soups, salads, sandwiches, and more. The pancakes are the best out of all the food. If I could choose which pancake to eat, I would pick the original buttermilk pancakes. Ihop has a special discount for kids and people aged 55 and older. I would go back to Ihop because there food is great. People who would enjoy this restaurant are people who love their breakfast. 

3 thoughts on “IHOP- Where Breakfast Comes Alive!

  1. Dear Eda
    I have been to that I-hop before and I would highly recommend that place too! My brothers birthday is on I-hop’s annaversery! I higly reccomend that one time you try the sweetish crapes there they are some of the best crapes i have ever had! It was a great idea to put the times it opens and closes I bet it will be very helpful for people who are going there to know that. I would not want to go somewhere and find out it is closed!
    Your blog buddy

  2. Dear Ryan
    Thank you for your comment. I cant wait to try the Sweetish crapes. I don’t know when can because my mom is one of those moms that always want there kids to eat healthy. Is there a discount on the day of Ihops Anniversary?

  3. Dear Eda,

    I really enjoyed this post because my grand parents and I were thinking of going there. We never got around to it but we will definitely go another time.

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