An RUP is an Responsible Use Policy. An AUP is the guidelines with which all users of technology within the district must follow.

The Scarsdale Public School’s RUP is located here.

All students are introduced to the RUP, and what it means, before they are allowed to use any of the district’s technology.

We review the RUP with all grades, spending a full class period to review the specific document as well as discuss which each point means and how proper use looks within school. For the lower grades, Kindergarten and 1st grade, the terminology is adjusted for their level. For instance, in the lower grade the RUP boils down to :

  • be nice
    • to each other
    • to the equipment
  • we do work
    • we will have fun but school technology is for positive, productive use, not games
  • focus on your work, don’t worry about others
  • only share what a teacher says is ok too
  • no names on websites
  • there are only two things on the internet
    • good
    • garbage
    • focus on the good, ignore the garbage
    • create good, don’t add garbage

We cover the official policy word-or-word, as well as what it means using real-world examples, before using the computers. In addition, after reviewing the RUP all 2-5th graders are given the “Online Accounts” permission slip to share with their parents and return, signed, to their classroom teacher.

If there are any questions, feel free to contact Mr. Casal at any time.

Thank you

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