Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions I get. Some answers include links to blog posts specifically addressing the question. Feel free to post additional questions in the comments and I will add the answers here…

What is the best browser to use with Heathcote blogs?
Google Chrome. Chrome is a Google product, as is Blogger (the host of this blog) so Chrome will work most efficiently with all aspects of this site. If you don’t already have Chrome you can download it for free:

How do students post comments on the blog?
There are very specific guidelines for posting a comment on the blog. For instance, no full names will be published, students should only use “first name last initial” in the Name/URL field under “Choose an identity” no links or non-student names will be published. Check out this post for more information and a tutorial video:

I’m having trouble seeing the comment box or publishing a comment…
If you are having trouble leaving a comment you are probably not using Chrome. If you ever experience trouble seeing or publishing comments you should make sure you are using Chrome. We have noticed some browsers don’t play nicely with the comment function.

We have multiple family members with Google accounts. What is the best way to access multiple Google account on a shared computer?
Chrome. Chrome has a great feature called “multiple users” which allows multiple Google accounts to be logged in simultaneously in different windows without causing conflict between them. Here are two posts with directions on setting up and managing multiple users in Chrome:

Why a blog?
I am a big believer in the blog as a powerful tool for communicating, voice, and positive digital presence. I use a blog as a way to model for students one of the many ways you can create and develop your voice and identity in this digital world. This blog is the voice and identity for the Computer Lab at Heathcote. My hope is students see the positive ways to use digital publishing to begin to develop their own digital voice and create a positive digital footprint for themselves.

Why do students comment?
Student commenting is a first step toward individual digital publishing. By commenting on this blog students are engaging with the author, voicing their opinions, seeing their writing published, and are taking part in the development of the site. In addition, the comments are moderated so it allows us as educators to retain a level of oversight as well as provide the opportunity for conversations with students about how a site owner might decide what is and isn’t appropriate to publish. By having students comment, and then by seeing their comments online, we are taking those first steps toward independent student voice and positive digital contributions.

Why don’t students write posts?
… coming soon…

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