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Passion Project #4

As I work on my passion project I am learning a lot about myself as a learner, reader and writer, and a time manager. As a learner I have realized that through this different way of learning and doing a big project, that I have become a stronger and more persistent learner all together! As a reader and writer I have realized that when I set my mind to it, that I am very good at getting helpful notes down on my note page! I have also realized that I am a terrible time manager, but if I am persistent enough that I can make up the time I missed for note taking! 

These are all the different ways that I have improved and made realizations of my skills in English class. I hope thatI can continue or start improving my skills in English. I will give more updates on my Passion Project soon enough. Bye for now!

Tech Post #6

This is the first picture inside a hydrogen atom!

Hello again! Today I would like to talk about the discovery of the atom! It all started a long, long time ago. During this time it was told that if you keep on cutting through the apple, that there would never be a stopping place, but one person believed that that was not true, and that there was a stopping point! He did not know that he was right, but a little while later after he died somebody revisited his discovery so that they could prove that his theory was correct, after that scientists al tried and tried to snatch that first real picture of an atom! Then finally in the late 1900’s a group of scientists were able to snatch the first shot of a single atom! That is the story of the atom, hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed sharing it! Bye for now!

Tech Post #5

Hello, once again! I am sorry that I have not been updating at home so far! I have a lot to share about tech! In regards to atoms, I am very shocked on what I have learned so far! I have learned everything from how big they are, to how you live and breath in atoms all day and night! I hope that I will continue learning all this cool, things about atoms! I will continue giving updates, but for now, bye!

Passion Project #3

 In my progress so far, I am kind of proud of how much research I have so far! I have almost one page! My resources are almost more helpful than I thought they would be! Mr.DeBerry’s note-taking sheet is very helpful and I am currently using it. I have changed my main question a bit and added a new sub-question. The reason that I did it was because when I started researching and found a lot of cool and new information that would add to my topic! I also found some more resources! I think the quality of my work could be a bit better, but I think that it is decent right now and not horrible. More updates for my passion project will come soon! Bye for now!



Passion Project #2

Hello again!

To identify my resources I looked on the school databases and found some good ones. I also searched it up on the web and found credible resources that I can trust. To make sure the resources are credible I looked on the top browser and saw if it either ended in, .gov, .com, or .org. I know that if it ends in these endings that it is reliable, because they indicate if it is credible. I think the resources I will be most helpful are the resources that I found in the library database because I know for 100% that they are reliable. For my note taking strategy I will be using the document that Mr.DeBerry gave to us to make note taking easier. I chose this strategy because it organizes my resources, questions, notes, and answers that I got about my questions. 

Passion Project #1

Project Proposal


          My process for desiring my topic was very simple. I started by writing down the things that I love to do and watch. Then I looked at the list and crossed off the things that would be harder to research and had few questions to ask and research on. Finally I looked at the remaining options and chose the one that I wanted to research the most. So I decided on music! 

         To decide on my question I thought beneath the surface of the topic and dug deeper until I came up with the idea of effects. After I came up with the idea I thought of some questions I could ask about the effects of music on our bodies and lives. I then narrowed down the questions and combined some to make the questions more sophisticated. After that I wrote them down in my proposal and worded them differently. That is how I came up with my sub and main questions about music.

Tech Post (#4)

Hello, and welcome to my 4th tech post! Today I get to start on my star!! (I changed my idea.) For my idea I will be creating three stars of  the colors purple, pink, and blue. My good news is that my gears are working! I hope that by the end of the class I will have finished at least me first star. More posts to come!


Tech post (#3)

Hello again. Today we got to create the base for our automates, it was very fun and an interesting experience. First we got all of our pieces and started trying to figure out how they fit together, (it was very hard.) After that we hot glued our first two sides, waited. Then we got to glue the other two sides together. Then we were done with our base!!! We also got our cam and follower back. I can not wait to start on the next step. I love this Project. Bye for now.


Automatas (#2)

Hello, today we learned about Automatas and watched a video. It was um….. interesting. Though it was very educational. Also I didn’t put this in a separate post, but we got to sketch out designs for our automata!!! It was a lot of fun. I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am. On Monday we also get to put together our automata bases! I am so ready and excited. By the way my automata is going to be a little girl waving! I can not wait to put it together!

Bye for now,


Breakout EDU (#1)

Hello, and welcome to my my first tech post!!!!!

Today we played Breakout EDU. It was a lot of fun. Our team was the first one to break out. This is how it worked. We got 22 minutes to try and find out all the codes to unlock the box. Our team first found the clue of the SMS technology safety rules. Stay Safe! We read it over than set out to find another clue. We than found the story and started on our work. We read it and tried to connect our clues. Than we had our first code and things started to speed up. We unlocked that lock. Than John unlocked to next one with a complete guess! We struggled for a little than unlocked our last lock! We were done! I really enjoyed this game. Have a great day!