Hello World

Hi!! I’m Jerry. I’m in 4th grade. I like playing video games. My favorite food is noodles. When I get home, I do my homework( if there is homework). My favorite sport is tennis. My birthday is in the summer. My favorite seasons are winter, and fall.

My favorite places to go on vacation are Jamaica, Costa Rica, Caiman Island, and China. I like going on vacation because sometimes, I get to drink coke!! My mom makes the best trips with me.

I have no brothers or sisters. My mom and dad live with me. My grandma, and grandpa live with me, too. Soon they’ll leave though.My family in China makes the best foods in the world!! Their food tastes the best!! That’s it!! Have a good day!!

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  1. Dear Jerry,
    I like the way you gave so much information about your interests. I see that you like to travel to the Caribbean. I like to go there too. Did you know that there was a big hurricane this past summer? I hope everyone is recovering.
    You like video games and I do too! Which is your favorite? I hope to hear back from you.
    Dr. Luft

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