Technology week 1

This week was pretty cool. We started learning about adhesives and glue, since we are going to be using a lot of glue in technology class. One pretty awesome thing we learnt about is the history of glue, and we also learnt about the titanic. Also the main point about the lesson was about brittleness, toughness and ductility. Ductility is if the object can bend and stretch, toughness is how much stress it can take, and finally brittleness is how fragile it can be or if it breaks easily.

Comp Tech: Final Project

Basically on my sheet in the new column I created for the totals. It shows the sum of the Democratic votes and the RepResentative votes. This was challenging because I had to type the formula into the bar that calculated the sum. I also re arranged the years to go from youngest to oldest and the total votes to go from smallest to largest. To summarize I had one problem with the color of the font but it got fixed.

Week of 11/2

To summarize how I created this chart I just decided to add some cells together for a function, I chose the NBA image because I like basketball. Also I chose common sports so a lot of people would be included in the wellness log. For one of my formulas what I did first was select the cells, and then at the bottom of the sheet on my iPad it had a list of options, so I chose sum for the totals. A spreadsheet like this could be useful for charting the date from a whole week for something like Hedge-funding and business wise Topics.

Swift Playgrounds Part B blog post

 This week it was challenging to write the code because It felt like every single time I wrote some code it would give me an error. An example of this would be like when I was trying to change the multiple choice question it would give me things like expected pattern and stuff like that. But overall it was pretty fun coming up with my own questions and changing the old ones.

How computer tech is effecting our world

As I was watching the video I learned all about how many things in the world rely on computer technology such as medical branches, fashion companies and  agriculture. It just shows that we can really create some great things with technology. It also shows me that you need to know how to code because for so many jobs you need to have that skill and experience. Half the products that you use these days are from online, for example amazon would not even be a company if we did not have computers. To conclude, computer technology is a huge part of our society.

Rocketry reflection

Rocketry was awesome. I was waiting for the project in 4th grade and now it came. The building process was pretty fun but taping it together was annoying. When we were building I was already thinking about our launch. We also had to do practice using the clinometer which was really fun. The clinometer is the tool that we measure the angle of the rocket with. Our rocket was very successful but stressful at the same time. It was stressful because when I was pressing the button I did not press it hard enough and it did not launch but I just needed to press it again. Our first launch was very successful we got 16.5 and I was pretty happy but I thought we could do better. After the first launch, we decided to fix the nose cone because it was dented. Fixing our rocket was key because we needed a better launch for attempt #2. After our second launch, I was very surprised but amused at the same time because it turned out our adjustments actually made attempt #2 worse. We got 5.5, honestly, I did not care because I had a lot of fun overall. If I could change anything about the project I would change our rocket body because I would like to see if it affects the launch at all. For example, if the rocket goes higher because it is skinnier and lightweight or something like that.  In total all of the groups did great and none of them did not launch so it was pretty good. I thought the project was a great way to start the year off.\

Building my colony- As a colonist

Building our colony took a while there were a few problems but in the end I felt like all the weight from everything I carried was lifted off my shoulders. Even though the things I carried were terrible heavy It was not so bad because William was always there to help me. The big house took the longest to build because the plantation owners wanted everything perfect. I was kind of uncomfortable building the roof of the big house because I am afraid of heights and as you know the big house is very tall. Over the weeks of building our colonies I got used to the schedule which was harsh but I knew we had to push ourselves to finish building otherwise we wouldn’t be able to survive much longer in our colony. We had to get up at dawn and work til dusk so we did not have any free time. I was surprised that the children had to work half the day because that is a lot of work for a child in the colony.