Technology Post #6

Yesterday, I learned a lot about static electricity. I played this stimulator type game that demonstrated how when you move a ballon to a sweater, the ballon becomes negatively charged. Then when you move the ballon to the wall, all the electrons on the wall move away from the ballon because opposite charges repel. I […]

Technology Post #5

The past week I learned about atoms. I used edpuzzle to watch videos about the size of atoms, how we know atoms exist, and who figured out that there was such a thing. Edpuzzle is where you watch a video and answer questions throughout. I find it fascinating that we can’t even see atoms with […]

Technology #4

This week we started a new project! We are soldering jewelry pieces. When you solder, you hold a soldering iron (which can get to 850º!) to metal, and then touch a piece of solder wire to it. This melts the solder wire into almost a metal glue which holds our jewelry pieces together. I’m making […]

Technology Post #3

This week we started putting our automatas together! The first step was creating the outside box. We hot glued a top, left, right, and bottom that were similar to puzzle pieces. Then we added the follower, which was hot glued to the piston, and the cam, which was hot glued to the axel. The cam […]

Technology Post #2

This week we started our first project! We are making automatas. Our automtas will have something on top of our cardboard box doing some sort of motion/action. Inside the box the cams and followers will be moving from the axel you turn from outside the box. I am making an automata that has a magician’s […]

Technology Post #1

For my third quarterly I have technology with Mr. Calvert! I am super excited for this quarter. So far tech has been really fun and we haven’t even started any projects. So far we’ve learned about safety in the technology room. Part of safety is using the tools correctly and being aware of your surroundings. […]

End of 4th Grade Blog Post

In fourth grade I had a lot of fun. My amazing teacher, Mrs. Assatly taught me everything about math, reading, writing, social studies, science, and a lot more! We also had cool field trips such as, Wayside Cottage, Saint Paul’s Church, Westchester Philharmonic, Marble Schoolhouse, and kayaking. We also had other teachers that us things […]