By: Louis Sachar


Holes, by Louis Sachar is about a boy named Stanley Yelnats. Stanley Yelnats is a very good boy until people accuse him for stealing a pair of shoes. Clyde Livingston’s pair of shoes. Clyde Livingston is a famous baseball player. Stanley is forced to go to Camp Green Lake which is for bad boys.When Stanley arrived he got instructions and went to his cabin where he met his roomates and counselors. Everyday he would dig a hole. He was always the last one done.His best friend Zero wanted to learn how to read, so everyday Zero would dig half of Stanley’s hole and for the rest of the day Stanly would teach Zero how to read. Until the Warden came. The Warden is the boss of all the campers and counselors. When Zigzag and Stanley had a fight Zero went and choked Zigzag but then he ran away.Then Stanley went after him a couple of days later. He wanted to make sure Zero was still alive.


Stanley did not really deserve to be there.He was actually a very nice boy. At school he was always hanging around and acting lazy. He would always blame everything that was bad in his life onto his no-good, dirty, pig-stealing, great grandfather. But then after he went to Camp Green Lake he started to take his life more seriously. He is also unlucky,he is also shy, and he is very loyal. He is unlucky because he is always somewhere at the wrong time. Like when the shoes fell, he was actually supposed to be on the bus. But instead he missed the bus and had to walk. He is shy because he didn’t talk very much when he met all his roomates, Mr.Pendanski,and Mr.Sir. Also Stanly just listened to X Ray when he told him to just give him whatever he finds next.He can be loyal because when his best friend at the camp ran away Stanley went after him. Also he was the only one in the D tent that would understand Zero. Plus he would never tell on anyone in the camp. He is a very friendly person that would never want to do anything bad.


I think the author’s message is that if you are a good person you would always win because when the Warden thought that she deserved the money that Kate Barlow stole, the box said that it was actually Stanley’s. This story is also about being positive all the time. Like Stanley thought that he had fun when he was at Camp Green Lake like he never thought about the Warden and the bad things she could do to him. He was scared of his friends sometimes. Also I think that in this book Stanley was thinking about other people. Like his family and his friend Zero. Stanley didn’t want to hurt anyone because he was scared of them. He understood that Zero was a very smart kid but wasn’t educated. I think that it is very surprising that everyone thought that it Zero was very stupid because he didn’t talk very much. Like they don’t really don’t know about him and what he has been through. Like his mother left him because she thought she wasn’t able to take care of him. I think this book is like 43 Cemetery Road because in that book everyone is the neighborhood thinks that Semor Hope is crazy because he believes in ghosts. I think that it is really important that you don’t judge someone by what they do in front of you. This book is a book that has a lot of examples of things that you should do and not do. Like you shouldn’t choke someone, or steal, and you should do is care for other people like your family, and your friends. That’s what Stanley did. I think this story is very inspirational! I would probably recommend it to all kids so they can understand how important it is to be a good kid.   


Current Event : Facing Evil

Current Event

Title: Facing Evil

Article Date: March 23,2018

News Type: National

In this article, Facing Evil is about a netflix show called A Series of Unfortunate events. You might have read the book by, Daniel Handler. In the show Louis Hynes play the role of a 12 year old boy named Klaus Baudelaire. Klaus is a very protective brother to his siblings. He and his siblings become orphaned during the show. Until the meet their one of their relatives Count Olaf. Count Olaf makes these bad ideas. Klaus and his sibling wanted to defeat Count Olaf and all his ideas, and that what makes the story start.

Count Olaf is always wanting the family’s fortune. So when he starts to make greedy ideas the kids know that they have to stop their relative. Even though Count Olaf is taking care of the kids I think the kids never really liked him.  So in season 2 the kids are always trying to defeat their relative. That’s where the story gets bigger and more ideas. Like I said Klaus was always trying to be a protective brother to his siblings.

The actor of Klaus really wishes that kids would maybe learn from the Baudelaire kids. Also to see that you can do many major things. “This show really encourages you to take matters into your own hands,” Louis told TFK. “ If something isn’t going the way you want, you can fix it.”

Personal Response:

I have never read the book before or watched any of the shows. I think this show would be a very interesting because I would like to see what ideas Count Olaf creates and  what they are. Also I think many people should do many major things like Susan B. Anthony and Rosa Parks. I really wonder what major thing I would do if I really put my mind to it?

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Personal Essay

What people need to know is that some people don’t have their families with them today. Some people’s family is separated. That means they don’t always see their family in same house. It must be sad to not see your family a lot. Right? But other people might not even know who their family is, that might be because they are adopted. That can be even sadder. Those human’s parents might not like their child or they decided that they did not want a child anymore. But I disagree, when you actually have a family it’s so much better, because when you have no family you have no comfort, and you are all lonely. But in my family we are all together. Like in my family we have Family Sundays, the family gathering at my nannies house, also having family traditions.

On Family Sundays you can do whatever you want to do with your family. You can do things that make you feel happy, sad, or even angry. But on my sundays we usually make pancakes, watch movies, and bike. Let’s talk about the pancakes I make, I usually get very tired after making this delicious meal, but then I think it’s worth it, because it is fun making them every Sunday. When my dad was a child he would make mini donuts. But now it’s has totally changed. We don’t make mini donuts anymore, Well my family does have a mini donuts machine. We now make PANCAKES. This experience is amazing. On a sunday morning I noticed this smell!?! I noticed that this smell told me that we were going to start making pancakes. So I ran as fast as I could down the stairs ready to make some pancakes! I gathered all the materials in the kitchen so I can start. I called to my dad, “Come one dad.” “Okay Katie.” So then we had finally started to begin. When you do this you feel happiness surrounding you. Like I said this type of experience that you would never I mean like never forget!

Since my grandfather passed away my grandmother always seems lonely sometimes so me and my family always tries to cheer her up either it is talking about funny thing about my grandfather or having just a good time with her. There are some many ways to have fun with your grandma. So here we can start talking about funny things with my grandfather. My father always tells me that his father would always have funny sayings. Like one day we had finally got our seats at a restaurant. Then we carefully decided what we were going to eat. During that time my grandfather had recently passed away we started talking about his sayings. Like  doomflinky, you’re built upside down, your feet smell and your nose runs, where would you be if I had not called you, and snap you bald headed. After we we almost finish naming them all we started to laugh so hard we almost fell off our chairs. It was a hilarious moment it felt like we were not in a public space.

Having a some family traditions can show teamwork. Also you can see that when you fall down or do something wrong your family will do something to help you either, it is your friends, or a bully. But other times it might go perfectly correct.One of my family traditions are making a wreath.Every Christmas we always decorate a big wreath right in front of my house.Like once in a cold morning. I ran to catch up with my dad. I started to get some boxes and and carefully carried them to the front of the house. Then I patiently waited for my dad.Then we both sat down on the dried up grass. And we started to work. My dad started to screw drive while I started to put in the lights into their mini sockets.While I started doing this I didn’t really know how this tradition started so I asked him “ Dad how did you start this tradition” Well I made first and then I decided that every christmas I should do this.I was so impressed that he made this huge wreath. Sometimes when you see someone had made a tradition to your family you would probably want to keep it going.That is why you always need to respect your traditions, even if you don’t like it!Having some traditions can really represent your family. So whatever it takes you should always make a new tradition.

Other people should care about this because everyone might not have one.Maybe all of your friends have a family. But what I trying to tell you is that you should really care about your family now matter what. Even if you get in a fight with them. If you love them they would love you!!! Having a family is great so always love them, help them, or even dance with them! It doesn’t matter as long as you have fun.     



Countdown to Day Zero – Current Event

Current Event

Title : Countdown to Day Zero

Article Date : March 2 ,2018 

Author : Brian S. McGrath

News Type : World


In this article Countdown to Day Zero Brian S Mcgrath explains that in Cape Town, South Africa is still have it’s drought. Cape Town has been having this drought for three years. Most of their reservoirs are all full of sand and cracked earth. All four million people are losing water. Every night  people come to get 13 gallons of water for there family.But in a few months the water would be cut in half.

Here are some people trying to get some water

What Happens on Day Zero

On day zero the people would be forced to turn off all their water supplies either they are at work or they are at home. Also on Day zero everybody’s water allowance will drop to 6.5 gallons. That is a lot of water to take away from each Person! Usually a average person would use 80 – 1.00 gallons of water. That is a totally different amount than the amount that the Cape Town people have to use. So that is why it is most likely that the lines are going to get longer.Day Zero was expected on June 4. However the date might change because it is based on the levels  of the local water dams. “ There are a lot of people that have been in denial” said Shirley Curry. She was waiting to get her 13 gallons of water.” Now suddenly they realize that it was for Real”.

Important places

Some places will not be in the cutoff. These places such as the hospitals, schools, and some poor settlements. This is because people want to prevent diseases. Also they give all the tourists some water because the tourists come to explore South Africa which gives South Africa 10% of their economy.

Good and Bad

Here Is The Good:

Some Other regions are giving water to Cape Town. Also some of the residents in Cape Town feel normal. Like Kelson da Cruz.Kelson da Cruz always keeps a container full of water near his shower. He also uses another container for brushing his teeth and washing his face. Plus he uses non-drinkable water to flush his toilet.

Here Is the Bad:

Some people in Cape Town are not being carful.In January only about 55% were taking care of the water.”We can no longer ask people to stop wasting water,we need to force them.”Said the mayor of Cape Town.Finally on February 14 more people started to save water. But the mayer still said “ We now need all our residents to join in the savings drive” Public Officials are also responsible for the water shortage. It is not just the residents. So apparently the officials failed to prepare for the drought.That is why people are trying to make seawater into drinking water. Kelson da Cruz sees a lesson for this” I think South Africa is, for the first time,really catching up to the rest of the world “ he said”They have to change their habits . You can’t just take for granted something so precious.

Personal response

I think that everybody needs to save water no matter what. This is important to me because when you just get 13 gallons of water a day that could get you sick because you do not have enough water. I am so glad that they allowed the hospitals to have running water at all times. This must be really hard for them because they are use to have enough water everyday. I really hope that this gets better and that is why everyone should save water.   


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Reading with 4B

In my school we started to learn about how to take notes. Our teacher taught us how to get so much information in one paragraph. He also taught us how to work with a group. Also we learned about how to come up with subtopics that are important to know about our topic. When we finished our research we would present to our teachers. During our research we had groups with another class,4-B.My partners were Victoria,Jalyn, Emma,Peter( They in my class), Jack,Liya,Taryn,Matthew( They are in 4-B).


This Non-fiction unit was all about how to research properly. So we started off by how to choose a good resource. Also how it is organized.Plus we learned how to gather information that you actually need.We learned different techniques such as organize, raise questions, make comparison,and give an example of what you mean. After we learned how to use those techniques we started studying different topics of weather.


The topics were volcanoes( we studied that), droughts,hurricanes,tsunamis(we did that too) earthquakes(and that that one too)and much much more. Our reading teacher , Mr.Deberry assigned our groups and topics. While teaching us he used a book called Everything Weather.


This book talks about different types of dangerous weather.


We all made a slideshow for our topics.

I think i learned so much from Mr.Deberry. From learning how to do nonfiction writing better than we us to. Now that i have learn how to write much better i would like to teach other people what i have learned. This is probably why i wrote this! Or it is because it is assigned.


This is the book Mr.DeBerry used to teach.

Ocean Food Web

Ocean Food Web         By Katherine Kendall

Ecosystems are when nonliving and living things interact with each other. On the other hand ecosystems can also be a food chain. A food chain is when  one living thing eats a nonliving or living thing. Ecosystems make the world a good place for animals to live. That means that if one thing goes away  almost everything else will go too.


In the ocean there are mostly fish, like Billfish, Salmon, Sardines,and the Tetra. Other creatures that live in the ocean are sharks, dolphins, sea urchins, and the sea otters All creatures in the ocean need water just like us!!!


In the ecosystem there are different types of animals. Such as mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and insects. You can also section them by using decomposers  producers, consumers.

The Important thing about Juan Ponce de Leon




Juan Ponce De Leon


The important thing about Juan Ponce De Leon is that he explored the coast of Florida. Even though he was brave that wasn’t important about him. He also fought in the war between Spain and Portugal. In the 1480’s he got into a Christopher Columbus was going his exploring Juan Ponce De Leon helped. He also claimed the north part of Spain.When he went to Porto Rico he became the first colonial governor there. When he got to Florida to explore he found a fountain called the Fountain of Youth. But the most important thing about Juan Ponce De Leon is he explored the coast of Florida.



World Book

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U.S. Timeline


Juan Ponce De Leon

By Pelleschi,Andrea

Copyright 2013


Hello World





Hi , my name is Kate and I am in fourth grade! Just so you know more about me I like to sketch,watch movies,go to school, and swim! I have a rabbit that I love to play with but no siblings. I play the violin very well. I live in New York. I love animals.Especially dogs and rabbits! So here we go!


I like art because I think it is fun to be able to draw things that I like and from my imagination My favorite art material is color pencil. One time when I used color pencil the drawing took about 15 weeks until I was finished! So long right?!


Movies! I watch a movie at least twice a week. So finally I know what I like  to watch which are The East Side Kids! They are funny, awesome, good spies and they can fight really well! So I recommend them. What do like to watch ? Please comment on what you like to watch?



So that’s it for today! By the way I will be posting a lot about animals.But if you have any suggestions please comment. Just so I can post a lot! Bye!!!