The Science of Summer Fun

Current Event Title : The Science of Summer Fun! Author : Shay Mauz News Type : International   In this article by Shay Mauz, talks about summer parks having the laws of physic guiding the parks. The laws guide you by showing by showing the movement or by showing you what it is going to […]


HOLES By: Louis Sachar   Holes, by Louis Sachar is about a boy named Stanley Yelnats. Stanley Yelnats is a very good boy until people accuse him for stealing a pair of shoes. Clyde Livingston’s pair of shoes. Clyde Livingston is a famous baseball player. Stanley is forced to go to Camp Green Lake which […]

Current Event : Facing Evil

Current Event Title: Facing Evil Article Date: March 23,2018 News Type: National In this article, Facing Evil is about a netflix show called A Series of Unfortunate events. You might have read the book by, Daniel Handler. In the show Louis Hynes play the role of a 12 year old boy named Klaus Baudelaire. Klaus […]

Personal Essay

What people need to know is that some people don’t have their families with them today. Some people’s family is separated. That means they don’t always see their family in same house. It must be sad to not see your family a lot. Right? But other people might not even know who their family is, […]

Reading with 4B

In my school we started to learn about how to take notes. Our teacher taught us how to get so much information in one paragraph. He also taught us how to work with a group. Also we learned about how to come up with subtopics that are important to know about our topic. When we […]

Ocean Food Web

Ocean Food Web         By Katherine Kendall Ecosystems are when nonliving and living things interact with each other. On the other hand ecosystems can also be a food chain. A food chain is when  one living thing eats a nonliving or living thing. Ecosystems make the world a good place for animals to live. That means […]

Hello World

        Hi , my name is Kate and I am in fourth grade! Just so you know more about me I like to sketch,watch movies,go to school, and swim! I have a rabbit that I love to play with but no siblings. I play the violin very well. I live in New […]