Reading with 4B

In my school we started to learn about how to take notes. Our teacher taught us how to get so much information in one paragraph. He also taught us how to work with a group. Also we learned about how to come up with subtopics that are important to know about our topic. When we finished our research we would present to our teachers. During our research we had groups with another class,4-B.My partners were Victoria,Jalyn, Emma,Peter( They in my class), Jack,Liya,Taryn,Matthew( They are in 4-B).


This Non-fiction unit was all about how to research properly. So we started off by how to choose a good resource. Also how it is organized.Plus we learned how to gather information that you actually need.We learned different techniques such as organize, raise questions, make comparison,and give an example of what you mean. After we learned how to use those techniques we started studying different topics of weather.


The topics were volcanoes( we studied that), droughts,hurricanes,tsunamis(we did that too) earthquakes(and that that one too)and much much more. Our reading teacher , Mr.Deberry assigned our groups and topics. While teaching us he used a book called Everything Weather.


This book talks about different types of dangerous weather.


We all made a slideshow for our topics.

I think i learned so much from Mr.Deberry. From learning how to do nonfiction writing better than we us to. Now that i have learn how to write much better i would like to teach other people what i have learned. This is probably why i wrote this! Or it is because it is assigned.


This is the book Mr.DeBerry used to teach.

Ocean Food Web

Ocean Food Web         By Katherine Kendall

Ecosystems are when nonliving and living things interact with each other. On the other hand ecosystems can also be a food chain. A food chain is when  one living thing eats a nonliving or living thing. Ecosystems make the world a good place for animals to live. That means that if one thing goes away  almost everything else will go too.


In the ocean there are mostly fish, like Billfish, Salmon, Sardines,and the Tetra. Other creatures that live in the ocean are sharks, dolphins, sea urchins, and the sea otters All creatures in the ocean need water just like us!!!


In the ecosystem there are different types of animals. Such as mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and insects. You can also section them by using decomposers  producers, consumers.

The Important thing about Juan Ponce de Leon




Juan Ponce De Leon


The important thing about Juan Ponce De Leon is that he explored the coast of Florida. Even though he was brave that wasn’t important about him. He also fought in the war between Spain and Portugal. In the 1480’s he got into a Christopher Columbus was going his exploring Juan Ponce De Leon helped. He also claimed the north part of Spain.When he went to Porto Rico he became the first colonial governor there. When he got to Florida to explore he found a fountain called the Fountain of Youth. But the most important thing about Juan Ponce De Leon is he explored the coast of Florida.



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Juan Ponce De Leon

By Pelleschi,Andrea

Copyright 2013


Hello World





Hi , my name is Kate and I am in fourth grade! Just so you know more about me I like to sketch,watch movies,go to school, and swim! I have a rabbit that I love to play with but no siblings. I play the violin very well. I live in New York. I love animals.Especially dogs and rabbits! So here we go!


I like art because I think it is fun to be able to draw things that I like and from my imagination My favorite art material is color pencil. One time when I used color pencil the drawing took about 15 weeks until I was finished! So long right?!


Movies! I watch a movie at least twice a week. So finally I know what I like  to watch which are The East Side Kids! They are funny, awesome, good spies and they can fight really well! So I recommend them. What do like to watch ? Please comment on what you like to watch?



So that’s it for today! By the way I will be posting a lot about animals.But if you have any suggestions please comment. Just so I can post a lot! Bye!!!