Atoms Versus Molecues Chapter one: The evil plot

In the sientific fictional times, the atoms and molecues lived apart and could talk. But in real live, none of this is true, and we have a periodic table.

CHSONa7C4L6 (molecue king): Those atoms seem so small, we colud take over atom town if we bash them together and make them into us.

CO2: But king, we are also small, like the atoms.

CHSONa7CL6: But if atoms share electrons, they become molecues, and they have to come to us. And we have to wait patiently for that to happen. If we take over, then we will have more land. and not be so tight.

H2O: Then we need to build something to combine atoms.

(normally that would be an atom smaher, but in this story it is different.)

CHSONa7C4L6: Then start building! Go! Go! Go!


SO2: This material should be fine… No, that would need more wires and protons in different charges.

CH4: Combination powder would make this quick. So according to the design, all we have to do is to put up to 15 atoms to form a molecue, then hit the switch.

SO2: Then we could store the exess energy left over and use it to rerun the machine. We would need a lot of conductors, insulators, and different types of metal. I think we have all the materials we need.

CH4: Then lets get building! 😀

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