These Fascinating Orange Dwarf Crocodiles May Be Evolving Into A New Species

Title : These Fascinating Orange Dwarf Crocodiles May Be Evolving Into A New Species

Article date :  February 21, 2018

By Daksha Morjaria



In this Article Daksha Morjaria shows that this newly discovered species is unique. I’ll tell you. An orange crocodile was found. Not one he found 10 orange crocodiles. He thinks there is more deeper in the cave.This discovery was made in Gabon.


The reptiles were first discovered in 2008 by Dr. Oslisly, an archaeologist, who went off into Gabon’s remote Abanda caverns in search of African artifacts. Instead, he stumbled upon a group of crocodilians living in a dark room filled with water. Curious to know more, he returned two years later this time with cave scientist Olivier Testa and crocodile specialist Matthew Shirley in tow. When the team found the crocodile they saw a bright orange outside which is something that has never been seen. overnight in the forest overnight revealed thirty more crocodiles, ten of which were bright orange!

Though animals are continually evolving to adapt to their environment, it is hard to observe the process real time in the wild. Now, some international scientists have stumbled upon a group of West African dwarf crocodiles.

The researchers theorize that they are orange because of bat droppings in the water, where the older reptiles spend most of their day.The droppings bleach the animals to change the color of their skin from gray blue to orange. However, thanks to the abundant supply of bats, make the crocodiles healthier than their forest cousins.

This discovery has led the researchers to wonder about the crocodiles. Normally, forest dwelling African dwarf crocodiles hide their eggs under a mound of fresh and old plant material. However, that doesn’t happen inside the caves. While the younger ones are able to go outside. the experts are not sure what happens as they grow.

People think that the only reason that this species exists is “because the local people are afraid to enter the caves.”


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  1. azaitchik26 at |

    Dear Lucy,
    I love how you actually explained what the researchers think about how the crocodiles got orange, and the pictures helped to compare the other crocodiles and the orange crocodiles. From,

  2. kara at |

    dear Lucy,
    your current event was fascinating! It is cool that they found crocodiles that are orange. It is true that they get their color from bat droppings? How do they get color from bat droppings? I have seen a crocodile that looks like this crocodile but it is blue.
    Your article was amazing! Keep writing new posts I really enjoy reading your blogs!


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