Immigration Interview Blog Post #2

After that we were starting our interview. Since I chose to interview my mom, she was chosen for a couple of reasons, she spoke fluent English and and also understood it. But anyways the interview went successfully pleasant. I got to learn a lot about my mom including true moments and memories.

When I asked her about why she chose to move to America. Fortunately I got the exact right answer wanted. She told me she wanted to seek a better life despite the good things back there but the government there was trash. The ‘president’ now was a dictator who wanted to rule as long as he lived. Something else was because the schools were strict on rules and descriptlines and the U.S had way more pressure. Everything she said was exactly what I wanted so everything is good on that.

After a long 12 minutes our interview finally ended positively. Somethings I could have did better is trying to make my mom answer short and terse answers since it took 12 minutes and I’m sure that’s not what a typical interview length would be. Anyways I like the eloquent language y mom has used.

So far our interview project has been going great.




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