Immigration Stop Motion 2018

Finally, my group and I finished filming our Stop Motion Film. We started audio today and its not going so well. Basically, our clips are way to short and our audio is to long. Even if we speed up our talking it is still to long. If we were allowed to we would talk as fast as we can but if we do it to fast it will sound very unnatural and bad. Our plan is to duplicate some parts of each scene so that the scene will become longer. If that doesn’t work we might have to shorten the script a little. I’m nervous about the audio for the last couple scenes because we kind of rushed through filming the last two scenes and they don’t look the best either. I’m afraid that we won’t be able to duplicate parts of the scene enough without it looking unnatural. I’m also worried that we won’t get our project done on time. I scared we might run into the same problem we had with Rube Goldberg. Being the last people to finish and being late on yet again, another project. So that’s basically whats been going on with our stop motion movie.

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