Spring Break 2018

Spring break starts next Friday but for me, it starts after school on Wednesday. I leave for California at around evening time. We usually go to San Clemente but my grandparents moved and I’m a little sad about that because I loved their old house and I loved the close by beach. Since they moved to a senior center they get to swim at the pool there I am excited about that because last year I always wanted to go to a pool but there were none nearby. The new house they live in is a lot smaller than the old house, but I still think I’m going to like their new house because they renovated it to make it look really nice and modern. Another con of them moving is it takes really long to get to the CLOSEST beach.  The beach is also really rocky and the tide is always super high so it’s kind of hard to swim and to find a good place to sit. Something really good about the beach is that it has SO MUCH sea glass. Me and my love to collect sea glass! The beach also has a lot of caves and tide pools. The tide pools are super cool because there are so many cool sea creatures. I also love the cave because it is a great place to take pictures. Overall the whole beach area is so beautiful! I am overall super excited to see how different it is living there compared to living in San Clemente.

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