The Last Game of the Season

Today was the day to play our final game of the season. We are 7-1 and tied with Chappaqua Revolution. If we won this game we win everything. If we tie or lose we might not win. We had a tough match though, we had to play Rivertown Utd B07 T-Dynamo. They were the only team that beat us and they beat us 7-2. Chappaqua had a much easier game than us. They were playing the Edgemont Warriors. We were all hoping Edgemont could tie or even win.

The whistle blew and the game began. Me, Ben and Asher were on defence. We were having a little trouble though. We weren’t the only ones struggling though. Our mid and strikers just couldn’t shoot. They tried to get to close. Then they got ahead of us and they had almost a breakaway. We were telling Henry to come out and make the angle smaller but he didn’t. They got a shot and scored. I told Henry to come out next time.

One time we got a throw in at just past midfield. When Gabe threw it the defender kicked it up field. Since everyone was upfield we were telling Henry to come out. Their striker was fast and he got the ball first. Henry still didn’t come out. We were yelling at him to come out. He came out a little but it wasn’t enough. They kicked they ball right under him. It was a saveable ball though. We got mad though because it wasn’t a hard shot to save. We told him again to come out next time. This time he got annoyed and pushed me. I was fine though.

Then he took me, Asher and Ben all out at the same time. We thought that they would score no matter what. They got lucky and they didn’t have to do much. Then they got subbed out and Me, Ben and Asher went back on defence.

The offence started taking more shots and finally scored. 2-1 Rivertown. We kept getting shots but nobody could get it in. Sometimes they didn’t even shoot! I got the ball and I just took a shot. It almost went in!

Gabe and Matty started passing back and forth and going slowly up the field. Eventually Matty crossed to gabe and he scored! 2-2 it was a tied game.

Then both teams played really good offence and defence. Then the ref blew the whistle and it was halftime. Our coach told us we were doing good except for the goals. If Henry would’ve came out they wouldn’t have happened though. We were resting and pretty tired. Our offence was so bad. They all tried to pretty much dribble it in. Me, Asher and Ben were trying to keep us in this.

Half time ended and we went back on the field. We were hoping our offence can step up the game and score. They did the same thing. They didn’t shoot.  Finally they went up and scored. We had come back and now taken the lead!  

We just had to waste the rest of the time and we win! But it was not as easy as we hoped. Nobody came to help on defense. They all just stood there while Me, Asher and Ben were taking on 6 kids at a time.

One of their midfielders was standing behind all of us. He got passed to and we all thought it was offsides. Most of the team stopped playing but my dad told me one thing. Never stop until the whistle blows. I didn’t hear a whistle so I tried to tackle him. He shot in between Me and Ryan (Goalie). He scored. We were all in disbelief. Our season was over. All we could hope is that Chappaqua would lose. Time slowly ran out. We could do nothing but wait in defence. I got taken out in the last couple of minutes. Then the ref blew the whistle.

We were all devastated we all thought our season was over. We did so good we were 7-1-1. After all of that we come in second. The good thing is we got donuts and munchkins. We just had to wait until Monday to see if they lost.

The next morning I completely forgot about it. Then my mom came in and said that Chappaqua lost. I thought she was lying. It wasn’t possible. I took her phone and looked at the standings. It as true they had lost! We had won the season! I went to school and told Sam. Ben and Asher already knew and we were so happy. We did it. Now we go to the next division and get trophies!

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