Constitution Project

My topic is Voting Rights. I am doing this topic because I think everyone should having voting rights no matter skin color, religion, or gender. My sub topic is Women Voting Rights. My research question is what were the major events that led to the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to vote.  I chose this question because, I wanted to know what women did to get voting rights. I can’t wait to start this project!

Good and Bad Things of 2020.

2020 oh what a year. Here are some times where I wanted to cry. First to start it my grandma died. that was in march, a few days later Covid 19 started. schools were locked down, we were also locked down which meant no friends no shopping and we had to do online school. Let me tell you that online school was horrible. it was so stressful we had 50 assignments due the end of each day. And trump was not doing anything about Covid. By the time America had 500,000 cases New Zealand had 1. Everyone thought 2020 was going to be like a movie they were right it was a very scary movie. But now since 2020 is almost over hopefully Biden will do us better in 2021. Some good things about 2020 were after a while I could see my friends. And Biden became president. I also got to spend a lot of time with my family. Over all 2020 was a roller coaster.

Electoral Collage

I think the way the Electoral Collage votes is great! I think this because you have to get to 270 points to win and it is like a game where if you get to 270 votes then you win! And some states are blue while others are red. Even if your state is small your vote still counts %100.

The Election 2020

I hope that Joe Biden wins because, Donald trump is racist homophobic sexist and more. On the other hand Joe Biden supports everyone no matter who they are. He also has a plan for Covid – 19 and climate change while Trump doesn’t even have one. I think after everything this country has been through we need a new president, one that could save America and make it peaceful again. Like Joe Biden. Please vote, your vote matters vote Joe Biden 2020.

What has been going on

Me and my family are doing well! Sometimes I can get a little bored but when I do I just walk my dog or do an arts and craft because my mom bought a lot. My brother always cooks with me. And me and my sister always work out together. which is really fun. I also love to do makeup when I’m bored and one time my brother even let me do his! And each day I like online school even more. It’s actually kind of fun! I hope everyone is doing well because my family and I are doing just fine and stay safe. Thanks for reading about how I am doing!

Underground Water

Yesterday my class and I watched a mystery Doug video. We learned that you don’t always need rain or a hose to make a pond or a pool. There was already water underground. We learned that all the rain was coming through the grass and just stayed underground for a while. The water seeks through the grass and if you dig deep enough you could find the water. This was really cool for me because I always knew that sometimes the ground is wet when you dig but I never knew that there was that much. I always thought that you would need a sprinkler or a hose to make something like a pond. But hopefully I just taught you a whole new thing!

Our Trip To NYC!

I had a lot of fun looking at the Statue of Liberty. My class and I went on the Staten island ferry. We saw the Statue of Libertyđź—˝, Staten island and Ellis island. We went to South Street seaport. I had a lot of fun looking at everything. This is gonna help me a lot with my research project. New York City is really different from the last time I saw it. We saw really big buildings. I learned a lot more new information. thank you Mr. Casal for teaching me a lot more things and pointing out everything and giving me good facts. I had so much fun and learned so much!

Next step In Research-NY Project

In my research project on NY Harbor landmarks my question is what is the story behind the Statue of Liberty. I really like researching on this landmark because I love reading and learning things I do not know that much about the about the Statue of Liberty. New York is a really big place and it would be really hard to research on the whole state that is why I really like researching on the Statue of Liberty.My whole group has something different to research on. I go to NY a lot but the thing is I do not know that much about it. This NY project is really interesting because It has a lot of information. So far I research a lot and I write a lot down. Because my teacher told me that if you keep it in your head you are probally going to forget most of the research that you have done. I use a lot of websites like Wikipedia. I always use different. Over all I love researching and maybe I will inspire some other people to do it!

NY Project-The Beginning

So far I really like researching on NY Harbor. My question is what is the story behind NY Harbor. So far this project is challenging but I learned a lot of new things for example NY Harbor is a river located around Manhattan. I also learned that you can not just find an answer right away. I only found out two things about my question so far. Even though it is so frustrating  sometimes for example like when I read 3 big paragraphs on Wikipedia and did not find out any information. I really like how everyone has a different place in New York City. I also am so excited to see everything come together when the project is done. I do research a lot and work hard and so does my group. We have so many good websites that we can count on. This project is really fun. I love NY but I have to admit that I don’t know that much about it. Now I know so much more about it. And I can not wait to learn more. At first I thought NY Harbor was a town but I realized it was a river. I hope this inspires you to learn about New York City! Right now in the process we are wrapping our research together.