Next step In Research-NY Project

In my research project on NY Harbor landmarks my question is what is the story behind the Statue of Liberty. I really like researching on this landmark because I love reading and learning things I do not know that much about the about the Statue of Liberty. New York is a really big place and it would be really hard to research on the whole state that is why I really like researching on the Statue of Liberty.My whole group has something different to research on. I go to NY a lot but the thing is I do not know that much about it. This NY project is really interesting because It has a lot of information. So far I research a lot and I write a lot down. Because my teacher told me that if you keep it in your head you are probally going to forget most of the research that you have done. I use a lot of websites like Wikipedia. I always use different. Over all I love researching and maybe I will inspire some other people to do it!

NY Project-The Beginning

So far I really like researching on NY Harbor. My question is what is the story behind NY Harbor. So far this project is challenging but I learned a lot of new things for example NY Harbor is a river located around Manhattan. I also learned that you can not just find an answer right away. I only found out two things about my question so far. Even though it is so frustrating  sometimes for example like when I read 3 big paragraphs on Wikipedia and did not find out any information. I really like how everyone has a different place in New York City. I also am so excited to see everything come together when the project is done. I do research a lot and work hard and so does my group. We have so many good websites that we can count on. This project is really fun. I love NY but I have to admit that I don’t know that much about it. Now I know so much more about it. And I can not wait to learn more. At first I thought NY Harbor was a town but I realized it was a river. I hope this inspires you to learn about New York City! Right now in the process we are wrapping our research together.

Book Recommendation-Molly

This is my book recommendation. The book that I’m reviewing is called Ruby Goldberg. I worked really hard on this book review and It’s a great book to read so I hope you read it and enjoy my book recommendation.

Book: Ruby Goldberg’s Bright Idea

Author: Anna Humphrey

Recommended: Molly


Will Ruby win the science fair this year instead of Dominic who copies and tries to do something better to win? Read the Ruby Goldberg book to find out who wins and so many more things. Rube Goldberg is a great book that you should read to find out the rest. If your the type of reader that likes science then read this book.

The Ruby Goldberg book is about how the science fair is coming up and her friend Dominic wants to be part of her group. Will she allow Dominic to be part of her Ruby Goldberg machine? Maybe she’ll win if she lets Dominic join her group or maybe Dominic will betray her and just copy her like he does every year.

A book connection that I have is in Pre-school I was having an art competition with my whole school and I told my friend my idea and he said that’s what he wants to do too. So we did the art competition and he won first place and I won second.

I rate this book a five out of five stars because it’s so interesting and the characters are  funny and are so much fun. I also know that the book is  fiction I know this is fiction because it is not realistic and it has characters. In conclusion Ruby Goldberg is a great book and I hope you read it!


Italy – Molly

Welcome to my Cultural Universals project. I did  a wonderful and beautiful country named Italy. I hope you enjoy me Adobe Spark video. And I worked really hard on it with my partner that gave me great help. The most challenging part about this project was finding a perfect picture the easiest thing for me was finding the perfect and happy music. I spent 5 weeks on this Cultural Universal project. I hope you enjoy my Adobe Spark video. 


What is 3D’s Favorite Book Series

This is my graphing project. I surveyed my classmates and teachers and asked them “what is your favorite book series?” I tallied my results and created a pictograph. On my slideshow, I created both a bar graph and pictograph to display my data. One thing I enjoyed about this project was coloring my pictograph. One thing I found challenging about this project was finding out the key. I hope you enjoy viewing my final Google Slides Presentation.



Maglev Train Blog Post #3

Our improvements that we made today were we fixed the vehicle because at some parts it would attract to the track. So what we did to fix it we made it touch the edge of the vehicle because before our vehicle wasn’t touching the edge at all.

Our train and track is basically our first idea but we changed a few things:


  1. The vehicle – what we changed about our vehicle was it was too heavy so we got strip magnets because before we had too many ring magnets.
  2. The track – the strip magnets were too close to the middle so we un taped it, then we  put the magnets closer to the edge of the track.


My group thinks out train was successful because it took the passengers from one side to the other and our vehicle levitated.

I learned from the EDP that you have to do all the EDP steps to complete the process. I learned from working with my group that even if you get frustrated it is okay

Post #2 maglev train

What my group did that worked was that the train was levitating but we failed a lot of times and we still had fun making it levitate.

The thing that we failed today was not all of our train was levitating for example part of it was attracting to the magnets but we needed to make both sides repel even though we failed  it was still really fun working with my group because we got to experience what we did wrong and how can we make it right. We were all a little frustrated but my teacher says it’s okay if you feel that way because when were done were done with this project you’ll be such a good scientist.

The changes that I made with my group was that we made the other side repel too but then the magnets were too heavy so we thought we should use the disc magnets cause we thought they were lighter than the donut magnets but we didn’t have time so were going to do that tomorrow and hopefully that works.

Post #1 Maglev Train

A maglev train is a train in Japan and it’s really fast. It levitates too and it levitates by magnets. When magnets repel the train levitates. For example the same poles repel and opposite poles attract.

My group’s idea for the train is that we put 11 strip magnets  across from each other and attached to those strip magnets were ring magnets and donut magnets we put 11 ring magnets and donut magnets.


The only thing that worked for my group while we were building our train was the magnets were levitating. The thing that failed today were cutting the magnets.


My experience with working with my group kind of good and kind of bad. One person in my group was working with me on taping and making sure the magnets were repelling. The other person was doing work when we told him to but sometimes he would just be sitting around. I think that this project is going to be very fun.


I appreciate my sister and I think you should too! In my opinion writing piece,  I shared two reasons. My first reason is my sister spends time with me, my second reason is my sister does projects with me.


In this project I also did screencastify. Screencastify was my favorite part about this whole persuasive project. You might be wondering what is screencastify? Screencastify is something where you can record a project that you worked really hard on. I hope you enjoy my persuasive essay.