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Colonial America!!! (Summary. )

Colonial America had changes  but the colonists and the Native Americans took them differently. maybe because the colonists didn’t know what they were disrupting .


Native Americans were in many different tribes all with a different language.


The colonists however were in 13 big groups and all spoke English.


They traded with each other. Corn+ ferns for iron + colonial cloth. For many years they lived in peace  but as more people came they used important natural resources and claimed their land. This led to times of grief . For example King Philip’s war.


The first settlers came to find gold they were greedy and wanted to to get rich. but almost got extinct in the New World. Other colonists came to practice  religious freedom and others joined in.


the 13 colonies are Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Delaware, and Maryland

Colonial Americans were people with different,special values and ideas just like us. Different doesn’t mean bad or disgusting it just means different.



The Important Book About Marco Polo

The important thing about Marco Polo is that he was an explorer. 

He traveled to China.

He was born in 1254 in Venice.

He walked 400 miles of desert.

He did not meet his father until he was 15.

He was from Italy.

Image result for marco poloHe met Kublai Khan when he was 20.

He traveled 15,000 miles.

There was a book about him called “The Travels of Marco Polo.”

He traveled through China for 15 years.

But the important thing about Marco Polo is that he was an explorer.