Friends Aren’t Perfect

Friends aren’t perfect

By Rebecca Shalmi

What people should Know is that friendship isn’t perfect. I’m telling you this because you can have a really close friend that may not hang out with you any more, but on my side of story you shouldn’t feel bad because you can  make more friends.What people should also know about friendship is that your sending out a message to other people telling them these are my friends don’t hang out with me  when your only hanging out with a certain amount of people.In other words I’m saying try to make as much friends as you possibly can

Friends aren’t perfect.Friends aren’t perfect  because anyone can get into a fight they can just be in a bad mood and most importantly nobody can control their anger.Once I was home sitting in my room when all of  a sudden I hear “ NO YOUR WRONG!!!” I cowered to the to the corner of my room my parents were in a fight this proves that anybody can get into a fight.

Which brings me to bad moods my brother is always in a bad mood that’s why we never like each other bad moods can lead to a bad day so never wake up on the wrong side of the bed.It was Just a normal  day.I had just woke up and said hello to my brother go away he said and for that whole day he just glared at me.

I can’t even explain how many reasons there are for not controlling your anger but the story that describes it most is what I’m about to be telling you.Once I was playing basketball with my brother and we got into a fight I told him to calm down but all he did was threatened to hurt me with the ball he would never calm down I will never forget that day.

I realize that friends won’t last forever but it is always good to make new friends or else you will never learn how to get a real friend.This is a good lesson because without a friend you would be lonely and it is always good to know how to make a friend.

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Title Unadopted dog makes history as the first deaf member of Washington K9 unit

Source dogonews

Article date March 5th 2018

News type state


This astonishing dog named ghost appears to be deaf his beautiful honey eyes and his silky milk fur may be cute but don’t fall for ghosts cuteness he can hurt.This amazing dog’s journey began in September 2015 When he was stray but soon after his wild life became a place called swamp haven rescue were ghost was going to be killed.Luckily a guy named Joe Henderson took him in.Joe Henderson works for the prisons and trains dogs how to sniff eagle drugs now you must be wondering why he chose ghost well in the article Joe Henderson claims He chose him because he was deaf why in the world world would he want a deaf dog?The reason why is because there can be yelling in the jail cells with can scare the dog but since he’s deaf he will not here the yelling so he can do his job.To add on to this ghost was the perfect dog for this job he’s aggressive and will not get scared of the prisoners.personal response I chose this article because in my opinion it teaches me that just because you have a disability doesn’t mean can’t do great things.

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