Did you now that the sun is the most powerful source for ecosystems.All  ecosystems start with the sun. In the prairie  ecosystem there are many things that many things are connected in a food web.I chose a  prairie ecosystem because i’m interested in learning about the west.I think that the animals there are so cool  they are very independent and are very important in the food chain like if something happens to one speeches it can affect all the other animals.

The Important Thing About Alexander The Great


The important thing about Alexander the great was that he got land for the Rome .Alexander  was born in 356 bce  he grew up in Pella and then moved to Epirus  where his mother lived his mother and him were very close. His mother told him many things such as that he was descended from Greek. He aso claimed he was descended from the Hercules. As a child Alexander misbehaved  and was way behind in science until one day he got a tutor this tutor  was no ordinary tutor his tutor was a philosopher Aristotle.This intelligent man taught more than  one thing like science medicine and even philosophy. In 336 B.C. king Philip\ Alexander dad got murdered and so Alexander was ready to become king as king he fought in several wars. King Alexander’s army became overpowering and by 329  B. C. Alexander ruled all the lands that were persia. But the important thing about Alexander the great is that he got land for the rome!

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The Important Thing About Alexander The Great



Starbucks is a five star


first I would like to introduce you to what I am righting about Starbucks I think it is rather good for kids to eat because most of the food is healthy but not when it comes to frappachinos and marble cake and don’t even get me started on coffee! Any way I also like Starbucks  because its the perfect place to hang out with your friends.The drinks are nice and creamy and the food is good for eating on a hike.Oh and don`t worry about a long line its never crowded.That`s  why I like Starbucks. Work at starbucks today!!!!!!!!!!