My passion project has been going great and after a very long week of research on Spaghetti I have FINISHED. But now I have to START my NEW research for my second dish which is probably going to be soup and something else. I also interviewed my grandmother I asked her questions that would make sense for my topic and chances are I will want to continue cooking Italian dishes so these questions  will answer questions that I have mow and prepare my self for my future cooking. The Recipe that I have for my Meatballs is quite interesting because there is cranberry sauce and to me this is the MOST interesting there is onion powder. This is interesting to me because I have never ever heard of onion powder and in my opinion it doesn’t sound appetizing so this is definitely going to be a learning experience for the Meatballs. But for the tomato sauce I am using my moms friends hand made tomato sauce. This might take a little longer than the recipe calls for because I want to make sure that I get ALL of the chunks of tomato out and by ALL I MEAN ALL because I hate tomato chunks and this might seem weird because a lot of Italian food has tomato’s but we all have our own opinions.

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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos of you making this meal. Cranberries in meatballs? So interesting…

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