Testing electromagnets

Yesterday our science team tinkered around with wires. We  studied how we wrapped the wire  around the bolt and saw if their was a difference in strength. At first I thought their would not be a difference in strength. But when I found out that the more wire flowing through the bolt is creating more energy! I new that the electromagnet would pick up more paperclips. The difference from a temporary magnet you can,t cut the flow of energy an electromagnet you can.

Do all magnets have north and south?


Together with my science group. We tried to make an Electromagnet. We used a bolt,  battery, battery holder, paperclip and an insulated wire. The first step was we had to wrap the wire on the bolt. We had to be careful to not make the wire overlap. We also can’t put the insulated wire on the bolt. Step two now we half to put the the battery in the battery holder. Step three now we half to put the insulated wire in the little slits on the side of the battery holder. Then the bolt should be connected to the battery holder. Step four now your energy is flowing through your wire and onto the bolt then you put paperclip on the floor and put the bolt near the paperclip and that should work.


Magnets are just force that attract and detract. There are two sides of a magnet North and South.These matter because it makes it easier to separate witch would attract  to each other. What I learned today is that magnets have a lot of energy to give more energy to any piece of metal. This works because the magnets are giving of energy witch is making metal attracts.


When Fall rolled around I had a soccer game. I adore soccer. I have been playing soccer for about five years. Soccer is my favorite sport by far. I love soccer because everybody never stops running. Another reason is that it is so worldwide! My team plays Barcelona, Italy, and England and so on at only third grade!

When Dad and I got to the game I sprung out of the car. I scared my dad in the process. I sprinted to the field where the game would be with my dad tagging along.

The gravel cracked as I swerved along the gravel path way. Birds chirped, butterflies flew and after about ten minutes we arrived our field, Holy Child I said goodbye to my dad and we both went our separate ways. I went to my team, laid down my stuff down and started warmups. We did passing and shooting drills. For what felt like ages, then finally Coach Ramzy gave us positions and escorted us onto the field. I started as right defender. I twisted and turned I blocked about 20 goals. There was an injuries few It was already 10 to zero. Our team was sweating a river. We did a lot better in the second half. We let in 3 goals ,at least not 10. There are 9 people on our team, There names are Trevor, Gabrail, Alex, Ethan, Manny, Alex.b, Eli, Jaden, Zachary, Hudsen.

 It  was suddenly 13 to 0. There was only 1 minute left. Alex passed the ball to me.I swerved past many people. I sliced the ball down the field. The goalie leaped to get the ball. His fingertips almost grasped the ball…

GOAL!!!!! I was so happy! That was my first goal the year!