One day, my friends Will E and Henry came over on Christmas. We played Fortnite, and then Rocket League. After playing an online match, (we were smashed 10-0) we made a season. We called our team the Ice Kings. We failed to win 1 game against rookie CPUs and were 0-3. Then we won a game. And another. And another!!! Soon, the three of us were 4-4 going into our final game. Will E was an incredible defender, and I was great at scoring on the kickoff. We won the final match, and went into a playoff match, and won! Finally, we played the championship game. The score was 2-2, but then we scored 7 straight and won!!!!

This month, Edward and I played Rocket League together. I was willDaGoD1 and Edward was DelphicDragon3. We went in to a tournament in Rocket League, and I got a match-and won my match because the other guy left. Edward was playing a noob. Edward won his first match with the overtime, 2-1. Edward’s game was tied at 1-1 when he had to leave. And we would have played each other! Then the noob got really lucky and won 4-2 and 3-0.

Recently, Edward and I had a playdate at my house. We made a season. Our team was called Edward and Will. In our first game, the score was 3-2, the other team in the lead with 2:00 on the clock. But then I cashed in an excellent performance, with 3 goals. We won, 5-3. Then we played our second match. We DOMINATED, with a hat trick each. We won again, 6-3. (Although our defense is terrible.)

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