Rube Goldberg-Part 3

Me and William have done our first and second step. Our plan so far has been to drop a marble into a plastic tube the marble will go through it¬†¬†giving it speed so it will roll on wood then it will hit dominoes. Our third step was going to be the dominoes hitting a car […]

Rube Goldberg-Part 2

Me and William have just started to build our first step. We decided for our first step we needed a plastic tube a marble and some wood and a hot glue gone to attach everything together. We had no wood so we just decided to use pieces of fake wood from a game. We had […]

Rube Goldberg-Part 1

In school we just started this project called Rube Goldberg. Rube Goldberg is when you create a machine to do a very simple task. Your machine can include dominoes,contraptions,plastic tubes etc. We got to pick partners and my partner is William Mishra. together we decided to do a little bit of our project before we […]