This blog is centered around technology here at Heathcote.

This is very much an extension of Mr. Casal’s computer lab but will also strive to encompass far more than simply “the computer lab.”


HeathcoteTech will:

  • post updates about technology at Heathcote
  • cover topics both in and out of the computer lab
  • provide resources and tutorials for reference beyond lab time
  • house the “Heathcote TechHelp” form for easy submission of technical assistance requests
  • house the “PD Surveys” for submitting ideas, wants, and needs for technology-centric professional development
  • be open to all areas of technology, for staff, students, and parents alike
It will also
  • have opportunities for student authors, creating original student-written blog posts
  • have opportunities for staff authors, creating original staff and teacher written blog posts about how they are using technology at Heathcote
  • post examples of technology projects students have created

Welcome to this new endeavor, we hope you enjoy the updates!

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