Know Your Twitter Spam

Twitter has it’s moments of Costco-sized spam deliveries (back in 2014 it was an epidemic).

We’ve all seen it. Or more to the point you got a Direct Message (DM) saying “wow, have you seen this post about you?” with a on-so-not-suspicious link attached. Or the ego enhancing “I’ve lost weight with this, and you could too!”

When this spam comes through I immediately delete it and let the sender know they most likely have been compromised. It’s not always the users fault, though. Recently Pinterest was compromised and was sending out tweets to those users who had connected their Pinterest and Twitter accounts…

Back in 2014 I created this quick tutorial for my colleagues to help them recognize and identify suspicious DMs and tweets:

We will never be immune from spam, and everyone will be compromised at one point or another (through their actions of those of others) but as GI Joe always said, knowing is half the battle…

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