I’m reading one of the books in the Gameknight999 series. The book i’m reading currently is Monsters in the Mist. Gameknight999 has just saved weaver from Enity303. Now they are trying to find the location of the portal. Enity303 is the only person who knows where the portal is located. They have gone age to age fallowing him.┬áNow the are trying to catch him. Also Khan is a very dangerous monster that is fallowing them in search for their magic. He is destroying everything and will soon try to destroy them for their magic. Enity303 has made a deal with Iago. It has not said what they are trading yet. Weaver is very mad at Gameknight999 for lying to him. Gameknight999 can not tell him anything because that will alter what he does. I’m not that far into the book so I don’t now that much but that is what has happened so far.

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