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A couple of days ago at school our computer teacher (Mr Mkenna) did Breakout EDU with us! we went in the science room across the hall.  We had to find clues to break in the box. There were hershey kisses in the box and we each got one. We got timed 45 minutes because it was the end of the day.

Hello World

Welcome Chipmunks

Hi, I’m Ari welcome to my blog. I LOVE pokemon, tennis, and roblox. Once I played roblox for five hours straight!  I have two siblings, a brother and a sister. And of course, a mom and a dad.I play drums and trombone but shh (I never practice).

Once I was playing  Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and I found a random shiny hariyama. It came out of nowhere! It was my first ever shiny.

Also, I’ve played tennis for 4 years and Ii’m really good at it.  My coach even says, “Ari, you are amazing at tennis!”  

Also, I’m AMAZING at drums, and trombone! What I like most about trombone is the sliding And the thing I like  most about drums, is how loud you can play!

Ari Signing out See you on my  next post!